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Wednesday 6/18: Confession, Song Game, Sing-A-Long, and Relics

Today was a full day of confession in Orthodox Life (OL), and priests from around our Metropolis heard confession from our campers and counselors. Campers continued their work on their crosses in Diakonia and talked about the healing of the paralytic in Bible Study.  A bit of rain kept us in the gym for athletics but we made the most of it and still had fun. We’re practicing our skits and getting ready for our performances on Friday night.

Tonight we did a rotation of 3 activities- a sing-a-long led by Fr. George, learning about relics with Fr. Nick and competed in the Song Game.

The campers learned some Fanari classics including Boomba Hey and GLORIA, but also learned a new hymn “O Pure and Virgin.”

Fr. Nick taught us about relics, and we were able to venerate the relics of St. Nectarios, St. John Maximovitch and a Sliver of the Cross. It was a truly special night for our campers.

After chapel the 8th and 10th grades were awarded the Spirit Sticks for the day and we finished our night with the entire camp singing “O Pure and Virgin.”

Tonight is a quiet night and we’ll be up bright and early to celebrate Divine Liturgy together, followed by a full day of free time and our annual picnic. It’s hard to believe it’s Wednesday night already, this week is just flying by!

Goodnight Fanari campers!