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Fanari Reunion Dance!

Calling all 2012 Fanari Campers!

Don’t forget that this Sunday, October 7 is the Fanari 2012 Reunion Dance. We’ll be dancing and reminiscing with our Fanari friends from 7:30-10pm at Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church (2501 Wolf Road, Westchester, IL). $10 gets you a DJ and food.

See you there!

(And don’t forget to check out the Fanari 2012 slide show on YouTube!)

Missing Fanari 2012?

Hey there, Fanari campers!

Are you missing Fanari? Well be sure to check out the Fanari 2012 slide show on YouTube!

And when you’ve finished watching, mark your calendar for the Fanari 2012 Reunion Dance on Sunday, October 7 from 7:30-10pm at Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church (2501 Wolf Road, Westchester, IL). $10 gets you a DJ and food.

See you there!

Fanari 2012 Photos & Videos

We hope you’ll check out all of the photos and videos from last week on our Fanari Camp Facebook page and YouTube channel. All of the links are on the side of this blog page. Photos have been posted (with more to come) and the videos will be uploaded soon. Don’t forget to “like” the Fanari Camp page.

As you can see from the pictures, we had a great week! Thanks for following us during Fanari 2012!

So long sweet summer…

Well, Fanari 2012 is done! Campers are on the buses and on their way home! We were blessed with another wonderful year of Fanari and we’re so thankful for such an amazing experience.

Campers, we hope you made new friends, learned about yourselves and most importantly, learned about your faith. We pray that you carry your Fanari memories with you throughout your lives.

Counselors, staff, and clergy thank you for all of your hard work this week. Fanari couldn’t happen without you!

Thanks everyone for a great week! We’ll see you next year for Fanari 2013!!!








Friday 6/22: Skit Night

It’s our last night at Fanari Camp and there’s no better way to end our week than with the skits that our campers worked on all week. Our Theater Staff did a great job coordinating the evening and all of the campers had fun with their songs and skits! The 11th graders closed their Fanari experience with the song “You’ll Be In My Heart” and lots of hugs.

Big congratulations to the campers and counselors of the 7th grade for being the 2012 Fanari Camp Spirit Winners; they truly embraced the Fanari Spirit all week long!

One last evening chapel, a slideshow of the week, and a few songs closed out our day. It’s almost time to head home.

Sleep well campers!

Friday 6/22: Our Last Full Day

Fanari 2012 is quickly coming to an end, and we’re so sad that this was our last full day of camp. It’s been another great day! We even got lucky with only a little rain during lunch which cleared up in time for free-time. During free-time we were treated to some tasty ice cream, courtesy of Mr. D! A huge thank you to Mr. D, not only for the afternoon treat, but for all of his years of service to Fanari Camp. We love you!

Our Pick Up Your Cross and Follow Me campers have had a wonderful time hanging out with the 9th, 10th and 11th grades. We’re so glad they joined us for another year of Fanari and can’t wait for them to come back next year. More to come on their day at Fanari in the next blog post.

Right now we’re getting ready for dinner, which will be followed by one of our favorite nights- Skit Night! We can’t wait to see all of the fantastic skits the campers created.

Thursday 6/21: Dance & Bonfire

Well, it’s the end of the day and the campers are in for the night. We had a fantastic time at the dance and listening to Mr. D tell stories at the bonfire. The campers dressed in some great Olympic-themed outfits for the dance- everything from swimmers to soccer players to torchbearers!

The campers also had the chance to hear Mr. D share stories around the bonfire and make s’mores. As always, Mr. D kept the campers engaged and everyone had a great time.

Today our Pick Up Your Cross and Follow Me campers arrived and will spend the entire day with us tomorrow. We can’t wait to share the Fanari agape with them!

It’s been a wonderful day and we’re so thankful for the experiences we’ve had at Fanari. We only have one more full day of camp; this week has flown by! Sweet dreams campers, we’ll see you in the morning.