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Wednesday 6/18: Confession, Song Game, Sing-A-Long, and Relics

Today was a full day of confession in Orthodox Life (OL), and priests from around our Metropolis heard confession from our campers and counselors. Campers continued their work on their crosses in Diakonia and talked about the healing of the paralytic in Bible Study.  A bit of rain kept us in the gym for athletics but we made the most of it and still had fun. We’re practicing our skits and getting ready for our performances on Friday night.

Tonight we did a rotation of 3 activities- a sing-a-long led by Fr. George, learning about relics with Fr. Nick and competed in the Song Game.

The campers learned some Fanari classics including Boomba Hey and GLORIA, but also learned a new hymn “O Pure and Virgin.”

Fr. Nick taught us about relics, and we were able to venerate the relics of St. Nectarios, St. John Maximovitch and a Sliver of the Cross. It was a truly special night for our campers.

After chapel the 8th and 10th grades were awarded the Spirit Sticks for the day and we finished our night with the entire camp singing “O Pure and Virgin.”

Tonight is a quiet night and we’ll be up bright and early to celebrate Divine Liturgy together, followed by a full day of free time and our annual picnic. It’s hard to believe it’s Wednesday night already, this week is just flying by!

Goodnight Fanari campers!


Monday 6/16: Daily Activities & Fanari Games

What a great first full day of Fanari! The weather was wonderful and the campers had a blast. Our theme this year is Christian Friendship, and we’ve challenged the campers to meet someone new every day. Needless to say they’re having a great time making new friends!

We started our day with morning chapel, a sermon from Fr. John, and the Blessing of the Waters. After breakfast and our cabin clean-up time we started our activity rotations. Campers played basketball, soccer, frisbee, and kickball in Athletics and got to work on their skits in Theater. They learned about trust in Bible Study and had some great discussions in Orthodox Life. Our Diakonia staff worked with the campers as they started their projects for the week.

Free time was so much fun- campers played lots of soccer, enjoyed some time in the lake, and hung out with their friends down by the water. We were so lucky to have such wonderful weather to enjoy some time together.

Tonight we had our annual Fanari Games! The entire camp had a GREAT time cheering each other on, playing relay games, and they all dressed in grade-specific colors to really get into the spirit. The energy was contagious and the campers really got into the spirit of the games with lots of cheers and encouragement. Big congratulations to the 8th grade and the 11th grade for winning in their respective divisions! The 6th and 7th grades each won Spirit Sticks for the day- keep up the great work guys!

Evening chapel, a sermon from Fr. Christodoulos, and a rousing rendition of Deep with Fr. George rounded out our day. Campers are in their cabins now and will surely sleep well tonight!

Goodnight campers, thank you for a wonderful day of Fanari!

Monday 6/17: Greek Night & the Blackhawks Game

We started our first full day of Fanari 2013 with morning chapel and the Blessing of the Waters, followed by a yummy breakfast and some cabin clean-up time. Once we were ready for the day, we moved into our daily activity schedule. Each day our campers have Bible Study, Orthodox Life, Athletics, Theater and Diakonia. Today in Athletics we played a little volleyball and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

After dinner we made a slight change to the schedule because of a little rain and decided to give the campers the option of Greek Night or cheering on the Chicago Blackhawks for the NHL Stanley Cup Finals. Big shout-out to Cristin and Tommy for leading and DJ-ing the Greek dancing! The dance floor was packed all night, and the campers and counselors definitely had a great time.

We ended the day with chapel, awarding Spirit Sticks to the 10th and 6th grades, sang a couple of songs (“Pharaoh Pharaoh” and “Father I Adore You”), and then the 11th graders got their 6th grade little brothers & sisters for the week. Now we’re off to Devotionals with our counselors and some much-needed sleep. We’re having a blast and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us tomorrow!


Friday 6/22: Our Last Full Day

Fanari 2012 is quickly coming to an end, and we’re so sad that this was our last full day of camp. It’s been another great day! We even got lucky with only a little rain during lunch which cleared up in time for free-time. During free-time we were treated to some tasty ice cream, courtesy of Mr. D! A huge thank you to Mr. D, not only for the afternoon treat, but for all of his years of service to Fanari Camp. We love you!

Our Pick Up Your Cross and Follow Me campers have had a wonderful time hanging out with the 9th, 10th and 11th grades. We’re so glad they joined us for another year of Fanari and can’t wait for them to come back next year. More to come on their day at Fanari in the next blog post.

Right now we’re getting ready for dinner, which will be followed by one of our favorite nights- Skit Night! We can’t wait to see all of the fantastic skits the campers created.

Wednesday 6/20: Confession & Sing-a-Long

Today was a full day of confession in Orthodox Life (OL), and priests from around our Metropolis heard confession from our campers and counselors.

Campers continued their work on their icons in Diakonia and played some soccer in Athletics, while each grade put the finishing touches on their skits in Theater. We’re really looking forward to seeing all of the great skits on Friday!

Tonight we had a Fanari sing-a-long, led by George, Katie, Lee and John. The campers had a great time singing some of our favorites: Pharaoh Pharaoh, Seek Ye First, Take My Hand, and Deep. George led the group in a CRAZY rendition of Boomba Hey, and the campers loved it! After chapel we sang an all-time Fanari favorite, Let There Be Peace on Earth, led by Fr. Bill Chiganos.

Tonight is a quiet night and we’ll be up bright and early to celebrate Divine Liturgy together. It’s hard to believe it’s Wednesday night already, this week is just flying by!

Goodnight Fanari campers!

Monday Funday!

We’re off and running today with all of our activities! Despite a little rain, we managed to get in a little softball during Athletics, and enjoy free-time outside this afternoon. Our Diakonia staff started the campers on their projects for the week, and we can’t wait to see the finished products.

Tonight our 6th, 7th and 8th grade campers had the Fanari Games. We had 8 different relay races and had a GREAT time cheering on our grades throughout the night! Each grade wore a different color (6th- orange, 7th- blue and 8th- black) and showed great teamwork. Congratulations to our 8th graders for winning the most spirit points!

Our 9th, 10th and 11th graders had a blast dancing during Greek Night! The 11th graders dressed up in togas and led the way with the dances. Two of our staff members, Cristin and Tom, did a great job teaching some new dances and as you can see everyone had fun.
Our evening activities were followed by chapel and more singing led by George, Katie and Toni. Everyone is back in their cabins and getting ready for bed. We’ve been blessed with another great day, and thank God for our many blessings!

Good night, Fanari!

We’re just about ready to go!

Can you believe we’re only 7 days away from Fanari!?

On Friday night we had our counselor & staff orientation (training was last week) and heard from all of our activity staff. We’re excited for some great projects in Diakonia, discussions in Bible Study & Orthodox Life, fun & games in Athletics, and some creative skits in Theater!

2011 Counselors & Staff: Getting ready for our campers!

As you can see from the picture, our counselors and staff are SO excited for the campers to arrive! It’s going to be a wonderful week!

A few reminders for campers & parents:

1) Please follow the bus assignments! We carefully assign the correct number of buses to each zone based on the number of campers, so it’s extremely important that you leave from your assigned church.

2) Please be on time (no Greek time!) for departure on Sunday, June 19th. Buses will leave promptly at 1:00pm! Make sure you allow enough time to arrive, load your luggage and say goodbye.

3) Did you know we have a theme for our dance on Thursday night? It’s time to get out our stone-washed jean jackets and jelly bracelets because we’re going to be dancing in 1980s style! We hope you’ll dress up and get into the theme!

4) Finally, please remember our no-cell phone policy. With the proliferation of the use of cell phones and communication devices, it has made our ability to properly supervise your child more difficult. Any camper who is found with a cell phone at any time during our program will have the phone taken away and returned to them on the day of departure. We have an office along with an answering machine should there be a need to get information to your child. Your child will be notified at meal time if they have an important message. You should have received emergency numbers in your camper confirmation packet.

We’ll be updating on a regular basis, so check back to see the fun we’re having at Fanari!

See everyone in 7 days!