About Fanari Camp

Welcome to the Fanari Camp blog!

We hope you’ll follow us this summer, during our four weeks of camp, as we learn about our faith and form friendships with others from across the Metropolis of Chicago! Feel free to subscribe to our blog via e-mail, so that you’ll receive notifications each time we post a new entry.

About Fanari Camp:
Fanari Camp is a ministry of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago, and is set in the wonderful setting of our very own St. Iakovos Retreat Center in Kansasville, WI. Fanari offers the youth of the Metropolis–entering their 6th grade school year through their 11th grade school year–the ability to share their common faith and heritage through its many programs. Literally thousands of young people have attended the camp throughout the years, often attending all six years as campers and then serving as staff members. Hundreds of young adults have donated their time to serve as counselors and mentors to our campers since the beginning of this ministry. Countless lifelong friendships have been gained and strengthened through the camp.

Fanari is now seeing its third generation of campers, after having the grandparents and parents of current campers attend in the past. As we move through the first part of the new century, the Metropolis of Chicago Fanari Summer Camp continues to see strong interest in the camp program. The Camp Core Staff is always planning for the future, to guarantee that this “jewel” of our Metropolis is around to provide the same experiences to current and future youth that it did for their parents and grandparents. Among the activities at Fanari Camp are sing-a-longs, campfires, Orthodox life discussion, Bible Study, Greek Culture, dancing, swimming, nature hikes, athletics, Olympic games, skit night and daily worship services.

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