Fanari 2019 – Singing Through the Rain


Wednesday and Thursday of Week 4 have seen a few bumps in the road because of one teeny tiny issue: the rain. So…much…rain. It started as the eldest campers, the Delphians, were participating in the the sacrament of confession during the Orthodox Life (OL) session. As the session was ending and it was time for vespers, the darkest, most ominous clouds imaginable descended on the camp, moving fast and loud. The staff quickly sprung into action, gathering campers into the main lodge, moving furniture in the Main Lodge to create space, and passing out prayer books. Before we knew it, the rain was coming down in sheets…but we were all safe and dry in the Great Room, chanting “Lord, I Have Cried To You, Hear Me,” the first major hymn of the Vespers service.

The rain went on to delay the Olympics until Thursday night, move up the Christmas dance to Wednesday night, and completely alter picnic day’s schedule. But the thing is, as a Fanari family, we didn’t really mind. We still had jingle-bell-rocking good time at the Christmas dance, sang camp songs late into the night, enjoyed delicious souvlakia, and bonded as cabins through the sportsmanship of the Fanari Olympic Games. The rain was a minor hiccup in the face of a camp filled with love and excitement for fellowship in Christ’s name. We were here for the Best Summer Ever, and nothing could stop us from that.

When I think back to this summer of Fanari camp, I’ll remember that Vespers service we were all gathered in the Great Room. Despite the fright of the rain, clouds, and lightning in view through the side windows, we were safe indoors under the watch of the icon of Christ, who was both before us and within us.


–John Louis Anton, Assistant Staff Director

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