Fanari 2019 – Greek Night


The first evening activity for this week is the amazing Greek Night!!! During the Greek dance last night, all of the kids had a great time dressing up in blue and white to show off their love for their Greek heritage. All of the kids danced to many Greek songs, ate loukoumades for a nice snack, and played a lot of fun games when they got tired from dancing. Each cabin learned a different dance during the day that they then preformed in front of the entire camp. All of the campers did amazing with their dances and it was so much fun. We even had a small amount of Pan-Orthodoxy when we played Arabic music for any of the Middle Eastern kids and staff, and learned how to do Middle Eastern dances like the dabbke.

After a fun night of dancing and singing along to all of the songs during the Greek Night dance, all of the kids went to their first Closing Day ceremony of the week. There they learned some cool songs about the church, found out which cabins had the most spirit for the day, and listened to a very nice “spiritual vitamin” from our Staff Director, Maria Pentaris, to finish the night off.

Today, all of us at Fanari are going to see an incorrupt saint at the Saint Sava Monastery. We are going to see Saint Mardarije of Libertyville. Some have seen relics before, but for most it will be their first time seeing relics of a saint, let alone an incorrupt saint’s relics. Many of my campers asked me about what it is like to see the body of a saint. I told them that it is an amazing spiritual experience and that seeing relics for the first time is something that you will never forget. I am so excited to share this experience with my campers and I cannot wait for this to be the best week ever.

– Charles Cassis


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