2019 Fanari | Session 3 Day 5 | American Dance


Happy Friday! Today is our last full day and we can not believe how fast this session has flown by.

Yesterday we had an unconventional schedule because it was our picnic day. We started our day off a little different than usual. Instead of Orthros, we had each cabin wake up and pray all together as a cabin to show that we do not need a chapel to pray. We then moved into sessions. The first session, cabins were split up and they participated in a group activity called “Tap Someone”. This activity is where a small group of the cabin stands in a circle where the rest are sitting with their eyes closed. Counselors read statements and the group in the center of the circle goes around and taps someone who they think fit the discretion of that statement. The second session was team building activities out in our athletic field. Campers brought their spirit during these activities and cheered together when they completed them.

After sessions, we moved into our picnic time. After filling up on souvlaki and karpouzi (watermelon), campers were ready for free time. Free time was filled with lots of sports, slide rides and enjoying being outside. We finished free time with the annual camper vs counselor/clergy softball game. In a very exciting game the counselor/clergy team pulled ahead and scored the winning run in the last inning.

Christmas came early after free time when campers got dressed for our American Dance.   Santa’s, elves and reindeer (oh my!) not only danced their way through the night but also got to enjoy hot chocolate and cookie decorating. Mr. D also told stories at our new bonfire during the dance.

Closing time was filled with lots of singing as always and a great spiritual vitamin given by Louie Pappas. The Spartan and the Athenian cabins won our spirit sticks last night, the truly showed what spirit is all about.

Tonight is skit night and we are so excited to see our campers come together one last time for a night filled with lots of laughter and of course love. Although we are sad this is our last full day, we are making it the Best Day Ever!

-MariaElena Kouriabalis


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