Fanari Session 3 – Confession and Olympics


We are more then halfway through our week, and what a week it has been. Day 4 of camp offered campers lots of love, spirit and togetherness.

Our day started off as usual with Orthros in the morning, and then moving into our sessions. Sessions included campers helping finish the new fire pit, creating bamboo towers, talking about how we can show love to ourselves and others during Bible study and of course participating in the sacrament of confession. This gave them the opportunity to strengthen their bond with not only Christ but themselves.

God blessed us with a gorgeous day and free time was filled with sand volleyball, boat rides, tie-dying, soccer and lots of turns down the water slides. After cooling off during dinner and chapel, cabins readied themselves for the long awaited Fanari Olympic Games.

Cabins dressed to the nine for the games bringing along many different accessories and so much spirit. After opening ceremonies each cabin preformed cabin chants to show off who had the most spirit. Tensions ran high as the games got going. However, all night every camper, counselor and staff member showed that they had the Holy Spirit within them by continually chanting, being good sports and having fun. Our Games came to an end the way they always do with the Ballon Game. After our final game campers and staff headed to the chapel for closing day.

At closing time we found out that the Spartan Cabin won the Fanari Games and are now champions carrying the ever important Fanari Games trophy. But the wins didn’t stop there. Two cabins were awarded with spirit sticks last night, those cabins were the Delphians and the Olympians!  We then had a special guest come and visit us at camp. Father George Lamberis showed up with guitar in hand to lead the camp in some of our favorite closing day songs. After songs, Katerina Rallis (one of our Program Coordinators) gave our spiritual vitamin. She talked about the importance of being apart of a living breathing faith.

Day 4 provided our campers with love, spirit and the feeling of togetherness. It felt like it was something out of a movie once we hit the chapel for closing day you could feel it in the air. This week is truly teaching our campers what Christian Agape is all about.

We are so excited for the days to come!

Here’s to making it the Best Day Ever!!

-MariaElena Kouriabalis and Vasilia Athens



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