Fanari 2019 – Session 2


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Fanari Camp 2019 Session 2 has officially begun! The campers arrived last night excited and ready to take on the week. After all of the campers were dropped off, we gathered in the cafeteria to say prayer, eat dinner, and go over some basic camp rules. We then proceeded to have camper orientation where we went through the rotation schedule for the week. The campers rotations for the day consist of Orthodox Life, Bible Study, Greek Culture, and our new activity Omatha (Team building). After each group rotated to the activities, we had our Ice Cream Social where the kids enjoyed an awesome treat before Devotionals. Devotionals (also known as Devo) is the way that we end every single day at camp by settling the kids down before bed and asking them deep important questions having to do with themselves, their faith and what was brought up that day. The campers woke up this morning excited and ready to take on the day! Staff reminds the kids every single day to make everyday at camp the best day ever and make the most of the week we have together. Today, we went through our everyday rotation schedule, ate amazing food, laughed together, and most importantly prayed together. Tonights evening activity is our Greek dance where the kids are decked out in blue, white, and babushkas. Each cabin has learned and will preform specific dances to show off their Greek dancing skills. This week is off to a great start and we cannot wait to see our campers grow in their new friendships, love for camp, and faith!

-Timi Douvlis

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