Fanari Camp 2019 Reminders

It’s beginning to look a lot like….FANARI CAMP 2019!!!

We’re just a week away from the start of our first session of the summer, and filled with excitement for another opportunity to create memorable moments and new friendships, as one family in Christ! As we anticipate our campers arrival, we want to remind you of a few important items, before your session begins.

NEED TO UPDATE HEALTH PROFILE INFORMATION? You can login to your CampDoc account, as often as needed before the day your session begins, to enter any last minute changes in your child’s HEALTH PROFILE. Make sure you have plenty of time to obtain current Immunization records from your physician and get them uploaded before you arrive.

WANT TO BRING SNACKS? The St. Iakovos Retreat Center is a NUT-FREE facility. Due to campers with allergies, please, refrain from bringing any food products/snacks that may contain ANY kind of nuts or were made in a facility that processes nuts.

GOT A MESSAGE TO SEND TO YOUR CAMPER? You now can by using CAMPGRAMS! To help combat homesickness, Campdoc is offering a one-way communication tool that allows you to easily send messages to your camper. Families can purchase tokens in bundles, in their online Campdoc account, for $5, $8 or $10. CampGrams will be printed and distributed to campers each day after lunch. CLICK HERE CampGram information!

FEELING FESTIVE? HO, HO, HO!!! This year’s Thursday night Dance theme is CHRISTMAS IN THE SUMMER! Break out your Santa hats and reindeer ears, and come dressed in holiday colors and themed apparel that exudes festive cheer, for a night of dancing and fun!!!

And lastly, we will be taking a Field Trip on Tuesday Night of camp to visit St. Mardarije, an incorrupt saint whose relics reside at St. Sava Monastery in Libertyville. A full description of our field trip can be found in this video: CLICK HERE: Monastery Visit Info. (Note: Campers can wear the same modest church clothes that they are bringing for Saturday’s Liturgy)

There’s still time to donate through our AMAZON WISH LIST! For more information: CLICK HERE!

Looking forward to another blessed camping season at Fanari Camp 2019, What is Love? God is Love: Christian Agape!

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