Fanari Camp Registration FAQs

We are only 4 days away from Fanari Camp 2019 Registration launch! Here are some helpful answers to Frequently Asked Questions, before you register on Tuesday, March 19th at 11am on

What are the payment options for tuition?: The cost is $525 per child/$100 DEPOSIT IS NON-REFUNDABLE. Payment plans must be paid off no later than July 20th. You will have three options for payment at registration:

  1. Pay in FULL
  2. Pay $100 DEPOSIT and set up a monthly PAYMENT PLAN for remaining balance
  3. Pay any amount over the $100 DEPOSIT but under the total, and set up a monthly PAYMENT PLAN for remaining balance

What is the Refund Policy?: You will receive a full refund, minus the non-refundable $100, as long as you cancel 30 days prior to the start date of your camp session. If a cancellation is made within 30 days of the start date of your camp session, you will receive a $262.50 refund, which is half of the total amount of the registration fee.

How does the Wait List work if I can’t get into the session I want?: If your preferred session is full, you will have the option to sign up for the Wait List AND/OR choose to attend another open session. In the event you are eligible to be promoted from the Wait List and have simultaneously registered for another session, you can then choose which of the 2 sessions you would like to attend. All previously made payments will transfer over to your new session. We do our best to notify you within 30 days of registering, if your camper is eligible to be promoted from the Wait List. We can not tell you where you are on the Wait List, as campers are promoted from the wait list based on spaces available for each sex and grade range. Thank you for your patience ahead of time, during this process.

How are campers grouped for housing?: Our campers are housed in “Cabins”, which is the group that they rotate with in our different sessions each day. Demographics change for each session, however, we typically house campers in “Cabins” by adjacent grades: 6th/7th; 7th/8th; 8th/9th etc. because the content of what is being taught in our sessions are all geared towards their age group. You may list up to 5 roommate requests in your online registration, which we do our best to accommodate within the structure of our program.

Can I set up an account on CampDoc ahead of the registration launch?: Yes, if you are a NEW participant, you may use this link to sign up for a CAMPDOC account now, so you are ready to sign up your camper for a session when registration opens. CAMPDOC ACCOUNT LINK. (click SIGN UP not log in) Additionally, if you already established an account in the past, but would like to add a new camper to your account this year, you too may login to add them now.

What is the company name that will be on my billing statement?: To avoid any credit card disputes or confusion, please, make note that payments made through will display on your account statement as DOCNETWORK LLC, the parent company name.

Where do I direct my questions concerning registration?: We’re happy to assist you with any questions about your registration at If you are having trouble navigating around your CampDoc account, their support staff can help you with any troubleshooting at 734-636-1000 or


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