7/18: Chanting and Fanari Games

Halfway through the week and we’re soaking up every minute of Session 4! Our time together is flying by and we’re so thankful for the beautiful week we’ve had so far.

As the camper’s prepared the night before, they received the holy sacrament of confession today during their Orthodox Life session. Our Flex session today was Chanting, lead by Alex Magdalinos, where we reviewed the hymns that we sing throughout the day in chapel, and also learned several hymns from the Liturgy to encourage everyone’s participation on Saturday morning. We definitely have some future Psalti’s at Fanari!

The sun was shining during free-time and campers enjoyed the many outdoor games and activities. Our Olympians visited the Marina and drifted away in our boats and canoes, while the Delphians took a ride down the water slide. Others played our new giant Jenga! and Connect Four, which were both donated through our Amazon Wish List. Thank you to our generous donors! So many fun opportunities to fill our day.

At the end of free-time, we had another Basketball Battle Royale! This time it was our clergy, the men in black, who challenged our Delphian staff to a 3 on 3 basketball game, hearing they chose black as their olympic team color for tonight’s Fanari Games. If the clergy won, the Delphians could not wear black.  If the Delphians won, the clergy would all have to go down the water slide at tomorrow’s picnic.  In a thrilling come from behind victory, the clergy won the challenge 13 to 11.  The whole camp cheered on the Delphian counselors and the clergy! What a fun ending to an amazing afternoon outdoors, enjoying our surroundings and each other’s company.

One of the weeks most highly anticipated night time activities is the Fanari Olympic Games!  The campers brought so much energy and team unity, as the Athenians and Olympians ironically came dressed in black, while the Delphians went for an earth, wind, fire and water theme for their team uniforms. In the end, the Delphians were victorious and earned the most points for the big win! Two spirit sticks were also given out to the Olympians and Athenians for their high energy, kind spirit and great sportsmanship at the games. So much excitement and enthusiasm felt throughout the camp tonight!

Our spiritual vitamin during Closing Day was given by Delphian counselor Peter Savas, who relayed a story to us about how God is in everything. Seeing nature and all its beauty and power reminds us of the glory and power of God. A heartfelt talk to end our exhilarating night. Before dismissal we sang some of our favorites Fanari songs, “I Will Magnify the Lord”, “Take My Hand”and “Father, I Adore You”.

Another energizing and uplifting day here at Fanari Camp!  All the campers are tucked into their beds, as a quietness fills the campgrounds. Looking forward to our picnic day tomorrow and all the adventures and fun that await us!

Check out Session 4 Day 4 Photos!

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