7/14: Divine Liturgy and Goodbye

And just like that, our time together flew by so quickly! We couldn’t have been blessed with a better week filled with beautiful weather, hard-working staff and friendships to cherish. After many hugs and a few tearful goodbyes, Session 3 is complete and the campers have all returned to their homes, as we fondly cherish the memories we created in our brief week together.

The culmination of our beautiful week of Fanari 2018 “The Four Evagelists: Four Doors to Christ”, was attending the Divine Liturgy before we departed today. Fr. Peter Sarolas, Fr. Thomas Alatzakis, Fr. Chris Mihalopoulos, Fr. Panayiotis Hasiakos and Deacon Chris Avramopoulos celebrated the Divine Liturgy together and chanted a trisagion for our beloved Metropolitan Iakovos, Fr. Bill Chiganos, and all those Fanari campers , clergy and staff who have fallen asleep in the Lord. May their memories be eternal!

Many who experience a week of Fanari Camp share an unexplainable bond that ties us all together. Our Orthodox faith has brought us here, but the love of Christ has encouraged us to step out of our comfort zone and take the steps He puts before us, to live our faith in our every day life. The friendships we create; the words we say; the choices we make as to how we live our lives and treat those around us; they are strengthened in this safe environment at camp, as we are one family in Christ. We pray that all our campers and staff take the memories, laughter and friendships that were created during our week and share the love and joy of Christ that they experienced, with others.

A heartfelt thank you to all our Session 3 clergy and staff, who gave of their time and talents this week to guide and minister the youth of our Metropolis. We appreciate all your efforts and love that you gave so freely in our week together. What a blessing for us all, to have the lives of these beautiful, young souls in our loving care!

Farewell, Session 3 Campers….onward to our last session of the summer!

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