7/13: Skit Night

On our last full day of Session 3, we ran through our activities one more time and couldn’t help but reflect on all we’ve gained this week at Fanari Camp.

Our Flex session today was Athletics, where counselors led campers in games of volleyball, soccer, a light workout and some water aerobics on our slide! In Theater, everyone put the finishing touches on their skits to prepare for tonight’s evening activity.

Following lunch, campers ran to their final free time activities and visited the Camp Store for any last minute swag and treats they wanted, before it closed for the week. We enjoyed the beautiful weather outside and spending quality time with friends one last time. The Athenians visited the Marina today and the Delphians had a blast on the water slide. Even Dn. Chris took a ride down the flowing waters to cool down before free-time ended.

Friday nights are for Skit Night at Fanari Camp!  Thanks to Andrew Poteres for coordinating all the skits and helping campers put on a great show tonight. Our budding actors entertained us with their hilarious performances! Even some of our talented counselors joined in on the fun, and afterwards we all enjoyed watching a slideshow of the memories we made during our week together.

Spirit Winners were announced, and the DELPHIANS were our 2018 Session 3 winners!!! Great job to all the campers and counselors for keeping the Holy Spirit within them, to shine bright in all they did this week. We wish our 11th grade campers a heartfelt farewell and hope to see them give back to Fanari as counselors someday. As Deacon Chris closed the night, he told us to keep that light we’ve found or rekindled in our hearts this week, and keep it burning all year round. We hope and pray that this special time of friendship and spiritual growth stays with all our campers and brings them back to camp year after year.

Before we dismissed, everyone sang together one last time, “Deep”, “Take My Hand” and “Father I Adore You”. Our short week together brought us a new appreciation of our Orthodox faith. While we may be sad to leave tomorrow, we are thankful for the joy from all the memories we made, which we will hold onto for the rest of our lives! Campers are all packed up, prepared for Divine Liturgy and in bed- lights out. We’ll see you all tomorrow for our final goodbyes. Good night, from Fanari Headquarters!

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