6/30: Divine Liturgy and Goodbye

The end of our week together has finally come. The campers have returned home with all the wonderful memories we’ve made here together at Fanari Camp.

Closing our final day of Session 2, we participated in the Divine Liturgy before departing to our homes. Fr. Sotirios Malamis and Deacon Chris Avramopoulos celebrated the Divine Liturgy together and chanted a trisagion for Metropolitan Iakovos, Fr. Bill Chiganos and all those Fanari campers, counselors and clergy who have fallen asleep in the Lord. Eternal be their memory!

The extreme heat and humidity moved us indoors, and our service was held inside the beautiful Great room in the Tomaras Lodge. Even without pews to sit in, our campers stood and participated in the entire Liturgy, singing the hymns they learned in Chanting this week. With the beautiful icon of Christ the High Priest high above us, we felt the presence of Metropolitan Iakovos, of blessed memory, as it was his dream to bring Fanari Camp to our own home at the St. Iakovos Retreat Center, so the children of our metropolis could gather each summer.

We pray the campers will keep that light, the Fanari, within them throughout the year and continue to attend worship services in their own parishes and build on the connection to our faith they felt this week at camp. And finally, we thank all the clergy and staff for the time and talents they offered to our program and campers this week. We are truly blessed with their dedication to the youth of our Metropolis.

Goodbye friends in Session 2, we’ll see you next summer!

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