6/27: Chanting, Confession and Fanari Games

It’s already Wednesday! Our week is halfway over and we’re soaking up every single moment and experience here, at Fanari Camp.

During our Orthodox Life session, campers received the holy sacrament of confession that they had prepared for the night before. Our Flex session today was Chanting, lead by Alex Magdalinos, where we reviewed the hymns that we sing throughout the day in chapel, and also learned several hymns from the Liturgy to encourage everyone’s participation on Saturday morning. The voices of our campers were heavenly, as they sang beautifully together in harmony.

It was a little too rainy for sports on the fields at free-time, but everyone found other activities to keep them busy. Counselor Jimmy Kazeos taught line dancing; some campers played our new table top shuffleboard; we continued watching the movie “Meet the Robinson’s”; and some campers made tie dye t-shirts with Connie Savas. What a fun day to relax and enjoy each other’s company!

Following dinner, the annual Fanari Olympic Games for Session 2 took place and the enthusiasm was felt throughout the camp! It was a Battle Royale!!! Each cabin entered the games dressed in uniformity and full of spirit! The friendly competition brought on much excitement and all the campers and counselors had a blast!!! In the end the Athenians emerged victorious, but each cabin gave it a tremendous effort! All our campers had GREAT sportsmanship and cheered each other on. Our Olympians won spirit stick for the day for their outstanding unity and enthusiasm. It was a night to remember for all!

Our Closing Day speaker was counselor Katerina Rallis, who spoke about how we are all loved at Fanari Camp. She explained that Christ is everything and he loves each of us. If we always keep him in our heart, nothing can ever get to us. And to close things out, Marina Dimas lead us in song with “Jesus Loves Me” and “Seek Ye First” before we were dismissed to our cabins.

Campers are quiet in their cabins, as we all reflect on another blessed day. We’re looking forward to creating more memories before the week end. Good night and God Bless!

Check out Session 2 Day 4 Photos!


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