Fanari Camp Session 2 begins!

Session 2 of Fanari Camp has begun and we are so excited to be back at camp, starting another blessed week together!

After the arrival of all our campers, we enjoyed dinner together and then began our orientation with Deacon Chris, where he talked about our rules, schedule of the week, and introduced all our amazing counseling staff.  We also talked about our Spirit Coins and how they earn each cabin Spirit Points everyday. Finally, our staff modeled all our new swag that will be for sale at the Camp Store this week during free-time!

Next, we went through a rotation of each of our daily activities: Orthodox Life, Bible Study, Theater and Flex, where we will rotate with Diakonia, Greek Culture, Chanting and Athletics each day. Afterwards, we enjoyed an ice cream social with our Orthodox Sundae Bar. So much fun making delicious creations with our favorite toppings! Counselors and campers were singing their favorite songs and enjoying each other’s company, too. It’s our first night at Fanari Camp and we’re already having a blast!

As our night came to an end, we gathered in the Main Lodge for our chapel service, lead by Fr. Tilemahos Alikakos from St. Spyridon in Palos Heights. Then it was time for the campers to head to their cabins for their first devotionals of the week.

It’s been a fantastic start to Session 2 already. Stay tuned for all the fun and blessings we experience during our week together. Good night, Fanari Camp. See you tomorrow!

Check out Session 2 Day 1 Photos!


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