6/19: Diakonia and Night with the Saints

God blessed our beautiful grounds with rain showers this morning! Luckily, there’s ample indoor space to accommodate all our activities, so that we could continue with the fun and learning happening, all day long.

During our sessions, campers were busy in Theater, practicing their skits for Friday’s performance. In Orthodox Life and Bible Study, we started to get to know the four Evangelists, which is this year’s camp theme, and why they are so important to us as examples today.

Today’s Flex session was Diakonia, where we learned about Orthodoxy in Guatemala. After hearing about Christ’s Great commission on Pentecost, we had the opportunity to make Feast day Icon books, that will be sent to St. John the Baptist parish in Ixcan, Guatemala. The books are translated in spanish and will provide the community with a learning tool. We chanted “Lord have mercy” in spanish-“Señor ten piedod”. Please, keep our brothers and sisters in Ixcan in your prayers!

The wet grounds kept us off the fields for free-time today, but we kept plenty busy playing outdoor games, making friendship bracelets inside and some enjoyed watching the movie, “Moana”. So many fun things to do with friends at camp!

Tonight’s evening activity was the peaceful and prayerful “Night with the Saints”. Campers were divided into two groups and rotated doing each of two activities. In the first rotation, they learned about the lives of the various saints that we were blessed to venerate:  Sts. Nicholas, Raphael, & Irene of Mytilini; St. Nicholas; St. Irene; The Holy Unmercinaries Kosmas & Damianos; St. Patapios; St. Basil the Great; The 40 Holy Martyrs of Sevastia; St. Haralambos and St. Martin.   We also had the opportunity to be blessed by holy oil from St. John Maximovich. In our other rotation, we welcomed Archon Regional Co-Commander, Mr. John Manos, who educated our campers on our Patriarchate,  Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and the five key issues the Archons have been championing for many years. We also discussed the Holy sacrament of confession and campers were able to ask questions and have time to reflect and prepare for confession tomorrow. What a blessing to be in the presence of such holiness and be comforted by the beauty of our Orthodox faith and traditions!

We wrapped things up at Closing day, as the Athenians and Delphians were each awarded spirit sticks for having the shining light of the Holy Spirit within today! Then Fr. George lead us in the song, “In My Life, Be Gorified”,  as we strive to be glorified as saints. And we ended the evening singing the beautiful hymn, “Lord of the Powers” together.  Campers then headed to their cabins to continue their devotionals with our clergy, in preparation for their confessions tomorrow.

What a beautiful and full day! We pray for continued blessings for the remainder of our week together. Kali nixta!

Check out Session 1 Day 3 Photos!

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