Monday 6/18: Greek Culture and Game Show

Today’s Greek theme was seen throughout camp, as we explored our beautiful Hellenic Culture in our sessions and food! OPA!

Following our morning Agismos service, lead by Fr. Demetri Kounavis from Holy Cross in Justice, IL, campers were introduced to “Alone with God”–a time to sit quietly in prayer and put our focus on Christ, before we begin each day.

Then we were powered up and ready to begin our first full day of camp, after a delicious breakfast of feta eggs and our favorite Greek potatoes! Our Flex session today was Greek Culture, where we participated in four different Ancient Greek Societies: While experiencing the artistic culture of Athens, we learned dances from Pontos and Crete; we participated in pool noodle javelin throwing, as we journeyed through Ancient Olympia; we exhausted ourselves in Spartan boot camp; and we  built ancient Delphian ruins from play dough.

Gyros with tzatziki were a hit for lunch and then campers enjoyed free-time, where they learned the rules and procedures for our brand new Marina. We can’t wait to get out on the canoes and row boats this week! Some campers chose to sweat it out in the heat on the basketball court and playing octoball, while others stayed cool playing games and visiting the Camp Store inside the Main Lodge. A few rain showers passed through during the afternoon, so we adjusted our session locations and carried on with our last rotation before dinner.

Tonights Grecian dinner was generously donated by Plateia Mediterranean Kitchen and the Papadatos family. Everyone enjoyed feasting on our Grecian dinner, which included, pastichio, briami, spanakopitas and Greek salad. It was so good, we thought we were back in our homeland! Thank you Plateia for capping off our day of Greek Culture with such a delicious meal!

For our evening activity, campers geared up in some creative costumes for “Let’s Make a Deal”! Deacon Chris and Fr. Andrew hosted the night with various games, where campers showed off their talents and had to choose to win a prize, and try not to get a ZONK! Then it was time for a few of our favorite Fanari songs, “Pharoah, Pharoah”, “Deep” and “Seek Ye First”, with Fr. George leading us on his guitar. Nothing says Fanari like a good, energetic sing-along!

We ended with Closing Day, where we listened to Fr. George Lamberis from Saint Haralambos in Niles, talk to us about how becoming Orthodox doesn’t happen over night. The tools we learn here at camp need to be taken home with us to feed our souls, so that we can impact other people in our lives, to bring them closer to Christ, too. We pray that campers keep that light we all receive this week at camp, in their hearts throughout the year!

The 1st Spirit Sticks of the summer went out to the Spartans and Delphians, who have already displayed through their actions and words, that they are great role models for our younger campers this week. Immersing ourselves in our culture and faith, was the perfect 1st day at Fanari Camp!  

All is quiet on the campgrounds, as our first full day comes to an end. We can’t wait to see the blessings that tomorrow will bring. Gnite, Fanari Camp!

Check out Session 1 Day 2 Photos!



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