Message from the Directors

Dear Fanari Family,
As most of you have learned and experienced by now, we had significant issues with our online registration company Campdoc right from the onset. Given the amount of calls and emails we have received, we fully understand the frustration and angst this has caused. From the offices here at the Metropolis, we have done all we can do to rectify the situation. We have been in constant contact with the tech team at Campdoc regarding this matter. Some things are just not within our control. We know that will be of little consolation to your child’s desire to come to camp to be with their friends on the week they desire. 

There has been much discussion regarding canceling the registration and restarting the process. Understand, that would be a monumental task to accomplish. Most of you know the Steering Committee does all it can to make your child’s experience the best we can offer. Even with the issues we have today, we are still committed to accomplishing that. We will be working through the day and possibly the night to straighten out all we can.
All we ask from you is to be patient and continue to follow whatever directions have been conveyed to you by the Staff.

The Fanari Camp Program, has for over 40 years, provided a special environment to meet the needs and desires of our campers. While some my be disappointed that they will be unable to attend a particular session planned with friends, it is our hope that another session will provide the opportunity to make new friends. As we begin Great and Holy Lent, we can only forgive those who unknowingly caused some of you to be discouraged, and pray that above all, our Christian Love will spread no matter what session you attend.

In Christ’s Service,
Rev. Dn. Chris Avramopoulos & Mr. Nick Kirkeles

Fanari Camp

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