Thursday 7/20: Picnic Day and Dance

Time to take a break from our Daily Schedule and enjoy our Picnic Day!!!  We spent the morning rotating to different activities before lunch, and had a day of unlimited free-time and fun!

Following chapel and “Alone with God”, we headed to breakfast to get charged up for a busy morning of activities. Some campers started at the “St. Paul Challenge Course”, where the campers rotated through sessions, representing the different stages of St. Paul’s life.

Fr. Panteleimon and Sara Pessimisses took us through the first stop, the Road to Damascus in the woods, blindfolded, to represent how St. Paul was blinded on his journey. Then campers joined Fr. Dimitri Tobias, to celebrate St. Lydia’s baptism by chanting the hymn, “All those who have been baptized, into Christ, have put on Christ. Alleluia!”  Next was the imprisonment of St. Paul and Silas, where campers illustrated their steadfastness by all working together to stand on a small platform with John Fotopoulos.  Finally, to demonstrate the brutal stoning of St. Stephen, of whom St. Paul persecuted before his conversion, campers played what they thought was a game of dodge ball with Fr. George Pappas, before they realized the brutal stoning that took place to this martyr. 

While half the campers were on the “St. Paul Challenge Course”, the other half put their Trivia skills to the test, with Fr. Ciprian Sas. The categories included sports, world history, pop culture, Greek History, Geography and church. They also learned about the meaning of the items on the altar table, with Fr. Christodoulos Margellos.

Then it was finally time to fire up the grill and feast on a delicious lunch of souvlaki, pita, tzatziki, watermelon and chips! As our Delphian boys would say, “Water! Hydration!”. It was a hot and humid day, but everyone found themselves enjoying basketball, soccer, volleyball and some went swimming to cool off.  Campers also had the opportunity to visit the farm on “Maria’s Wacky Wagon Ride”, where Farmer Joe’s tractor took them on a tour of the grounds, so that they could visit the barn to see the animals. Everyone stood in line to hold the sweet kitten, meet the new and adorable goats named Jem & Scout, and pet our beautiful peacock!

Before our afternoon ended, the entire camp came together for our annual Counselor vs Camper softball game! We had some tough competitors and close calls, but fun was had by all who participated and observed. So many different opportunities happening at Fanari Camp this week! 

After dinner, it was time to go back…..back in time! The“Blast From the Past” Dance, with DJ Chrys Cross, was filled with tie dye and flower power, poodle skirts and 80’s neon! We danced to some great oldies like “Don’t Stop Believin”, “Mickey”, and “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”. Some of our campers also enjoyed heading to the fireplace and roasting marshmallows to make s’mores, and listening to saint stories with Alex Magdalinos and Fr. Dimitri Tobias. A fun way to wrap up this full day of fellowship and fun with each other!

Following the dance, Sara Pessimiss spoke at Closing Day, and talked to the campers about “unplugging” from technology. While attending Ionian Village in Greece, she had the opportunity to unplug and focus on prayer and personal reflection. Her message was to put the devices down and don’t be distracted. Take time to appreciate your surroundings and connect to the people in your life.

Our Spirit Sticks were awarded to the Olympians and Spartans tonight, for all their energy and enthusiasm throughout the day. We’re nearing the end of our time together, but are so thankful for the memories we’re creating each day. 

All is quiet and calm in camp tonight. What a fulfilling day together, as one family in Christ, enjoying all the blessings at Fanari Camp. Goodnight and God Bless!

Check out Session 4 Day 5 Photos!

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