Tuesday 7/18: Greek Culture

OPA! Today was dedicated to our rich Hellenic heritage through food, dance and history!

Give us a breakfast of Greek yogurt and potatoes, and we’re ready to start our Greek themed day! Our “Flex” session today was Greek Culture, where we rotated to 3 activities: Connie Savas introduced us to the game of tavli and explained some history on the Parthenon, as we constructed replicas; and Sara Pessimissis taught us the Kalamatiano and Pentaozali to get us ready for our evening activity, “Greek Night”. In Bible Study and Orthodox Life, we discussed St. Paul as a “champion” and connected his attributes as a saint, with that of a good athlete. While in Theater, our skits are coming along, as we created our scripts today, so rehearsal can begin tomorrow. What a fulfilling day, as we grow in our faith and culture!

After a delicious lunch of gyros, tzatziki sauce and pitas, we were energized to head out for free-time! This warm, sunny day invited some to the pool to cool down, while others worked up a sweat playing soccer and basketball. Campers were also testing their quick reflexes in the Octoball pit, playing bags and keeping cool in the Main Lodge. So many different activities to choose from, there’s fun happening everywhere we look!

Our Grecian dinner tonight made us wonder if we were still in Kansasville, Wisconsin. Greek chicken, greek style potatoes, green beans and spanakopita! It was so good, you’d think Yia Yia cooked it herself!!! Under the carport outside, campers danced the night away Greek style and showed off all the new dances they learned in Greek Culture today. What a great way to wrap up an amazing day, celebrating our heritage and culture!

At Closing Day, Bible Study leader, John Fotopoulos, talked about St. Paul’s most trusted assistant, St Timothy, and how he traveled with him. He was very young, and some people looked down upon him because of  his age. He relayed the message, that just because you’re young, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be Apostles of Christ. We’re all blessed with gifts from God and it’s up to us to figure out what they are and cultivate them.

The Delphians and Olympians were honored with spirit sticks tonight, as the Holy Spirit shone through them, all day long! Then, campers sang a lively rendition of “Deep”, “Jesus Love Me” and slowed it down with “Take My Hand”, before they were dismissed to their cabins to prepare for their confession devotionals.

Another blessed day, filled with new experiences and spiritual growth. Glory be to God! We can’t wait to see what new adventures will await us tomorrow at Fanari Camp. Kali Nixta!

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