Thursday 7/13: Picnic Day and Dance

If it’s Thursday at Fanari Camp, that means one thing…PICNIC DAY!!! We took a break from our Daily Schedule to spend the morning with two different rotations before the festivities began. 

Following Chapel this morning and a few moments in prayer during “Along with God”, we headed off to breakfast to get fueled up before our busy day began. Some campers started at the “St. Paul Challenge Course”, where the campers rotated through activities representing the different stages of St. Paul’s life.

The first stop was the Road to Damascus. Ari Cussick took us through the Proskinitarion Walk in the woods, just as St. Paul was blinded on his journey. Then campers joined Alex Magdalinos to celebrate St. Lydia’s baptism by chanting the hymn, “All those who have been baptized, into Christ, have put on Christ. Alleluia!”  Next was the imprisonment of St. Paul and Silas, where campers illustrated their steadfastness by all working together to stand on a small platform. Finally, to demonstrate the brutal stoning of St. Stephen, of whom St. Paul persecuted before his conversion, campers played what they thought was a game of dodge ball, before they grasped the reality of what really happened to this martyr.

Our 2nd rotation was a combination of a group Trivia game and a lesson on the meaning behind the altar items used in the Divine Liturgy, with Fr. Chris Mihalopoulos and Fr. Sotiri Malamis.  Finally, counselor and Hellenic College/Holy Cross ambassador, Moriah Moody, talked about the opportunities that the college offers for any future students interested in learning more about their faith.  

Souvlaki, anyone? Sounds like a Greek picnic to me! Picnic time began, as campers also enjoyed mouth watering watermelon, chips and lemonade! We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day and everyone found something fun to do outside to enjoy the weather. Basketball, soccer, volleyball, swimming and just walking around, exploring the grounds were enjoyable. Some campers took “Maria’s Wacky Wagon Ride” so they could visit the animals at the barn. Everyone loved seeing the newest edition to the retreat center, the adorable goats named Jem & Scout, petting the horses and peacock, and holding the tiny kitten! So cute!

We can’t end picnic day without our annual Staff vs Camper softball game. Nothing like a little friendly competition to get everyone hyped up and ready to play! It was a bit of a mud slip and slide, but each team managed to score a few runs. Even while competing, we’re having fun in fellowship together at Fanari Camp.

More fun, you say?! Hop into your time machine and get ready for our “Blast From the Past” Dance, with DJ Chrys Cross, who’ll make you, ‘JUMP! JUMP!’ All the decades were represented with some colorful tie dye, white t-shirts and rolled up jeans, and even a Ghostbuster came to save the day! We danced to some great oldies like “We Go Together”, “Dancing Queen”, and “I’ve Had The Time of My Life”. Some campers headed over to hear Mr. D tell stories by the campfire while roasting marshmallows and making delicious s’mores!  Just what we craved after all that dancing! A fun night all around!

Once we settled down and headed to chapel for Closing Day, Spartan counselor and Holy Cross student, Justin Glavonovits, talked  about how to persevere during difficult times and his connection to St. Nectarios, whom he looked upon to heal him in a time of illness. His message was to not take for-granted the friendships we’ve made this week, as they may be the ones that are there for you in the future, in times of pain, as well as, joy. 

Energy is at an all time high, and Spirit Sticks went out to the Athenians, Olympians and for an unprecedented 4th night in a row, the Delphians! So much love and spirit filling the hearts of all our campers this week! We can’t believe there’s only one more full day ahead of us before our departure on Saturday. Sleep well, campers and staff…one more day of amazing opportunities ahead of us tomorrow! G-nite!

Click here for Session 3 Day 5 Photos!

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