Friday 6/30: Skit Night

After our last full day of Fanari Camp Session 2, it’s time to say goodbye to what we’ve called “home” for a beautiful week together. We enjoyed our remaining activities and couldn’t help but reflect on all we’ve gained this week at Fanari Camp.

Campers headed to our morning sessions one last time, to wrap up the week in OL and Bible Study, and all we’ve learned about St. Paul’s life. Our Flex session today was Athletics, where counselors led campers in games of volleyball and World Cup Soccer! To prepare for tonight’s evening activity, everyone put the finishing touches on their skits in Theater.

Following lunch, campers ran to their final free time activities and played soccer, basketball, volleyball, and visited the Camp Store one last time. (trying to use all their camp store money!) We enjoyed the beautiful weather outside, before the rain came during dinner.

Fr. Kosmas Kallis joined up for our evening chapel service and challenged the campers to set goals for their spiritual lives. We have coaches in the sports we play, why not have a coach in our spirital life? We follow rules for eating healthy and taking care of our bodies, why not follow rules to fast and pray? He encouraged all of us to take up the challenge that Fanari has presented and be an imitator of St. Paul; To be champions in our faith! We’re thankful for those true and inspiring words!

If  it’s Friday night at Fanari, then it’s Skit Night!!!  A big round of applause to Ari Cussick for all her hard work this week in Theater, coordinating all the skits and helping campers put on a great show tonight. Our budding actors entertained us with their hilarious performances! Even some of our talented counselors joined in on the fun, and afterwards we all enjoyed watching a slideshow of the memories we made during our week together.

Spirit Winners were announced, and by a 6 point margin, the SPARTANS were our 2017 Session 2 winners!!! Great job to all the campers and counselors for keeping the Holy Spirit within them, to shine bright in all they did this week.

 The six 11th graders shared their best memories of their years at camp, in the style of “Thank You Notes” by Jimmy Fallon. We wish them all a fond farewell and hope to see them give back to Fanari as counselors someday, to be the same role models that their staff were for them. Deacon Chris closed the night and told us to hold on to what we’ve learned and experienced at Fanari Camp this week, and share it with others back home. It has truly been a special time of friendship, spiritual growth and love during our week together!

Before we dismissed for devotionals, everyone sang together one last time: “Deep”, “Seek Ye First”, “Take My Hand” and an old Fanari favorite, “Let There be Peace on Earth”. Our short week together brought us a new appreciation of our Orthodox faith. While we may be sad to leave tomorrow, we are thankful for the joy from all the memories we made, which we will hold onto for the rest of our lives! Campers are all packed up, prepared for Divine Liturgy and in bed- lights out! We’ll see you all tomorrow for our final goodbyes. Good night, from Fanari Headquarters!

Click here for Session 2 Day 6 Photos!


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