Wednesday 6/28: Arts & Crafts, Night with the Saints, Sing-a-long

It’s nearly unbelievable that we are already halfway through the week!  What a beautiful and spiritually uplifting day we had at Fanari Camp!

Today we prepared for Holy Communion at the Divine Liturgy on Saturday, by receiving the Sacrament of Holy Confession. We were blessed to have Fr. Alikakos, Fr. Rallis, Fr. Pieri, and Fr. Lamberis, along with Fr. Bithos, Fr Ketchum and Fr. Poteres, who were all available during our Orthodox Life session to hear confessions.

Alex Magdalinos lead our Arts & Crafts project for our “Flex” activity today. We created mosaics using a printed icon of Christ and glued tile pieces all around. We hope the campers will put their finished icons in their homes, and when they say their prayers, they’ll look at it and think of all their Fanari friends and keep them in their prayers, as well. 

After lunch, CampGrams were passed out- we had a record delivery of 72! This is only a one way messaging system, so campers can’t reply, but we’re positive that they’ll have lots to tell you about their week on the way home Saturday.

The clouds rolled in this morning and we had  a few rain showers during our rotations and the beginning of free time. However, nothing could stop us from enjoying the afternoon together! Campers were playing competitive card games with their counselors, making friendship bracelets, playing Tavli (that they just learned in Greek Culture!) and watching the movie “Trolls”. With a half hour left of free time, the sun came out and we all ran outside to play octoball and take in the fresh air!

Tonight’s evening activity was the truly amazing “Night with the Saints”. Campers were divided into two groups and switched off doing each of two activities. One rotation discussed the meaning of relics and how we honor and remember the saints by venerating them. The campers enjoyed watching a “Be the Bee” video about relics and how the campers at Ionian Village in Greece, visit the Island of Zakynthos to venerate the relics of St. Dionysios.  The other rotation stayed upstairs with Fr. Bithos and Fr. Lamberis and heard the stories of St. Haralambos, St. Basil, St. Martin and the 40 Martyrs of Sebaste. Everyone then had an opportunity to venerate the relics of each of those saints. What a blessing to be in the presence of such holiness! 

As the storms subsided tonight, we ended our evening activity with a Sing-a-long lead by the always entertaining Fr. George Lamberis and his guitar!  The energy in the room was contagious (and it can all be caught on Facebook Live!), especially when Fr. George treated us to his classic “Boomba-Hey!”.

Our spiritual vitamin during Closing Day was given by Fr. George. He described his choices between basketball, “being a rockstar” and entering the priesthood, and how he made the best choice by choosing the path that would lead him to Christ.  He spoke about how if we are able to stay true to our roots and stick with what we believe in, people will begin to follow us- and if we become like Jesus, that will be a fantastic way to lead people.

Before dismissal, spirit sticks were given out to the Athenians and Spartans, for their unending spirit, kindness and respect throughout the day. Another exciting and inspirational day here at Fanari Camp!  The campers are counting their Zz’s and preparing for our picnic day tomorrow. Kali nixta!

Click here for Session 2 Day 4 Photos!

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