Tuesday 6/27: Chanting & Fanari Games

It’s already Tuesday-how quickly the days go by! We’re getting into the routine of our Daily Schedule and feeling comfortable in our surroundings here at Fanari Camp.

Today we were visited by Fr. Jim & Presbytera Nasia Gordon, who were an integral part of Fanari Camp and the youth ministries of our Metropolis for many years. We’re thankful for their love and support and blessed to continue the legacy that they helped begin.

Our Flex session today was Chanting. Alex Magdalinos reviewed the basics of byzantine chant and the beautiful hymns we sing in church. We also learned the hymn for St. Iakovos, the patron saint of our retreat center, as well as St. Paul, our theme for the week. We definitely have some budding Psaltes at Fanari!

CampGrams were passed out after lunch today and campers loved hearing stories from home to share with their friends. Everyone found different activities to keep them busy during free time: Octoball, softball, basketball, and an exciting game of Capture the Flag! What a fun day to relax and enjoy each other’s company!

Tonight’s evening activity was our annual Fanari Olympic Games! We had a special visit from GAMA, (Greek American Motorcycle Association), who generously donated 4 scholarships to campers in Session 2. All our cabins made grand entrances, dressed in various themes! The energy was contagious and the campers really got into the spirit of the night! The games were full of fun and friendly competition, where everyone was cheering each other on. In the end, the Delphians were victorious and received the trophy for earning the most points! Congratulations to all our cabins for playing with such heart tonight!

At Closing Day, Nick Kirkeles talked about how time is precious and we shouldn’t let any moment slip away. We all have talents and we should use them to their fullest. Our Olympians and Delphians won spirit sticks for the day, after showing so much enthusiasm and unity all day long! Before dismissal, the entire camp joined in singing together, “Deep”, “I Will Magnify the Lord”, “Jesus loves Me” and a round of “Father, I Adore You”. So much energy, so much fun, so much love at Fanari Camp!

Another full day of wonderful memories to look back on. We’re thankful for all the beautiful moments we’re creating together at Fanari.

Click here for Session 2 Day 3 Photos!


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