Monday 6/26: Greek Culture

Today was dedicated to our great Hellenic Culture, as the Greek theme was seen throughout the camp!

We started our first full day of Session 2 at Fanari Camp with an Agiasmos service, led by Fr. Ted Poteres, to bless our campers and staff. After dismissal we introduced the campers to “Alone with God”, where we spend a few minutes each morning spread out in silence, to pray and begin our day focused on Christ.

A delicious breakfast of feta eggs, potatoes and Greek yogurt started off our day, as campers then went through their rotation schedule. Today’s “Flex” was Greek Culture, where we learned the Kalamatiano, Pentozali and Ikariotiko with Connie Savas and Dino Alikakos. Campers also built replica’s of the Parthenon and learned to play Tavli. It was time to get creative, as everyone started to work on their skits in Theater and learn more about St. Paul in OL and Bible Study.

CampGrams were passed out this afternoon and all that received them had smiles on their faces, hearing from family members back home! It’s a fun one-way messaging system for you to send notes to your camper. Login to your Campdoc account anytime, to purchase them during the week.

Free time began, after a delicous lunch of Greek chicken, dolmathes and spanakopita. The weather was beautiful and the perfect time for outdoor activities! It was a bit too chilly to jump in the pool but campers were out on the basketball court, soccer field, volleyball court, or playing kick ball with our counselors. Nick Galouzis introduced some of us to a new game called “Spike Ball”, which tests our strength and coordination! Such a fun time, exploring the grounds, hanging out with friends and enjoying our beautiful surroundings.

Camp Store was open and busy during free time, for campers first day to purchase snacks and swag. Our new Fanari hats were a hot commodity! Campers also hung out and played some games and made friendship bracelets inside the Main Lodge.

Dinner included delicious gyros with tzatzaki, greek spaghetti and fries. Then it was time to dance the night away Greek style!!! Our very own DJ Chrys Cross, spun some tunes for Greek night, that had everybody dancing out under the carport in front of the Main Lodge. The campers and staff showed off all the new moves they learned in Greek Culture today! OPA!

Each night after our evening activity, we end our day in chapel with “Closing Day”; a time to reflect on our day and sing songs together. Tonight’s spiritual vitamin came from Alex Magdalinos, who touched on the lives of the Holy 40 Martyrs and their love for God and one another. He shared these two points, as something we could work on this week at camp: grow closer to God and one another, as one family in Christ.

Tonight’s spirit sticks went to the Athenians and Spartans for beginning our week with so much enthusiasm, love and spirit! We closed out the night singing, “I am a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N”, “Pharaoh, Pharaoh”, “I Will Magnify the Lord”, and “Seek Ye First”, as the campers sang arm in arm. What a great day of fellowship and fun, as we learn more about our culture and faith. We truly are blessed being away from our every day surroundings, and spending a week together to focus on Christ and our beautiful Orthodox faith. God Bless, Fanari Camp!

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