Thursday 6/23: Picnic Day and Dance

What a truly beautiful, blessed day!  We deviated from our normal daily schedule for our Picnic Day, where we spent the morning together, traveling to different activities.

Our morning began quietly after chapel with “Alone with God” and then  our scrumptious breakfast of waffles, bacon, feta and potatoes, energized us for the day ahead. Some campers started at the “St. Paul Challenge Course”, where the campers rotated through activities representing the different stages of St. Paul’s life.  The first stop was the Road to Damascus through the Proskinitarion Walk in the woods, while blindfolded with Fr. Kosmas. Then campers celebrated St. Lydia’s baptism by chanting a baptismal hymn with Alex Magdalinos.  Next was the imprisonment of St. Paul and Silas, where campers illustrated their steadfastness by all working together to stand on a small platform with Fr. Jim.  Finally, campers talked about the stoning of St. Steven, with Fr. Tasso, by reenacting the stoning using dodge balls, with their counselor as the target.  While half the campers were on the “St. Paul Challenge Course”, the other campers were playing Trivia with Anthony Ruggerio. There was a large variety of categories in the trivia including sports, world history, pop culture, Greek History, Geography and church.  They also  had a Q&A about the Divine Liturgy and the meaning of the items on the atlar table, with Fr. Kearns.  

Then it was picnic time with some delicious souvlaki grilled by Deacon Chris, Arun and James. Fresh cut watermelon, chips and lemonade rounded out our lunch. Campers were free to roam around and play basketball, soccer, or volleyball, while others  stayed inside playing board games, or finishing up their tie dye shirts. Our 11th graders also enjoyed a dip in the pool on this hot and humid day. The highlight of free time was “Maria’s Wacky Wagon Ride” where campers toured the grounds on Farmer Joe’s tractor ride and visited the barn to see the animals. Free time concluded with our annual Counselor vs Camper softball game, with our undefeated champions, the Counselors, continuing their legacy. Such a full and fun day at Fanari Camp!

Dinner tonight was one of the best yet! Burgers, chicken wings, mac and cheese! Over 80 of our campers received CampGrams during dinner tonight and loved hearing from their loved ones at home!

Our Blast From the Past Dance, with DJ Chrysanthe Agos, kept the high energy of the day at an all time max! Campers came decked out in their “decades gear” with poodle skirts, tie dye, 80’s side ponytail, and platform sneakers. We danced to our favorite oldies like “Dancing Queen”, “Footloose”, “Hand Jive” and some New Kids on the Block.  Some campers took a break and listened to Mr. D tell stories around our fireplace outside, while Fr. Andrew and Fr. Michael helped pass out supplies to make s’mores. What a neat treat after a long day!

After the dance, our Closing Day “spiritual vitamin” was given by Mr. D. We heard about a man named Louie who found Christ later in life and sought to reconcile with all those that hurt him before. Though one man refused to meet with him, Louie never stopped trying. Mr. D wants us to remember that we should open our hearts to Christ as Louie did and seek reconciliation from those in our lives; even if they refuse, we should never stop reaching out.

Our Spirit Stick winners tonight were the Olympians and Delphians for showing awesome sportsmanship and spirit throughout the day! The campers are peacefully in their beds and await our last full day at Fanari Camp.

Click here for Session 1 Day 5 Photos!

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