Wednesday 6/21: Arts & Crafts, Confession, Fanari Games

Halfway through the week and the sun finally shone for our Session 1 campers!  We can’t believe how fast the time is flying by!

Today we prepared for Holy Communion at the Divine Liturgy on Saturday, by receiving the Sacrament of Holy Confession during Orthodox Life.  Fr. Greanias, Fr. Georgiou, Fr. Arbanas,  Fr. Kerkeres, Fr. Kearns, and Fr. Lamberis were all available during our OL session to hear confessions.

Our Flex activity today was Arts & Crafts, lead by Alex Magdalinos, where we created mosaics using a printed icon of Christ and gluing tile pieces all around. We are happy our campers will be bringing home their icons to venerate each day and remember their time at Fanari Camp.

CampGrams were passed out after lunch today, and even our very own counselor Evalina recieved one from her parents! This is only a one way messaging system, so campers can’t reply, but we’re positive that they’ll have lots to tell you about their week on the way home Sunday.

It was blue skies and a sunny day, as we enjoyed our first free-time outside this week!  Campers played basketball with their counselors and Fr. Tasso, enjoyed ice cream bars that were generously donated in honor of Nun Theologia, played in a large soccer game, took their swim tests and tie-dyed t-shirts with Connie Savas. So many fun opportunities to fill our day!

Tonight’s evening activity was the highly anticipated Fanari Olympic Games!  The campers brought unmatched energy and awesome team unity, while they played their hearts out.  In the end, the Athenians were victorious and earned the most points for the big win!  They get the honor of carrying around our new Fanari Games Trophy for the rest of the week, to proudly display their victory! Two spirit sticks were also given out to the Delphians, for their creative beach theme and outstanding leadership, and the Olympians, for their great sportsmanship and enthusiasm! Well done!

Our spiritual vitamin during Closing Day was given by Anthony Ruggerio, who illustrated that everything and everyone in your life was placed there for a reason.  What a thought-provoking talk!  Before dismissal our voices filled the chapel as we sang some of our favorites Fanari songs, “Deep” and “Take My Hand”.

After the Athenians and Olympians were dismissed, Deacon Chris talked to the Spartans and Delphians about the recent passing of the late Metropolitan Iakovos of Chicago. His vision and dream for this retreat center is the reason we are all here today. He loved the children of our metropolis and enjoyed visiting with them every Thursday for our picnic day for many, many years. His hope was that the children would sing the hymns of the church with the same vigor and love as they do with our camp songs. In his honor, we ended the night singing the hymn, “Lord of The Powers” with Fr. Kallis, Fr. Theodoropoulos and Deacon Chris. May his memory be eternal!

Another energizing and uplifting day here at Fanari Camp!  All the campers are tucked into bed and the camp is all quiet now.  We can’t wait to see what blessings tomorrow will bring. Goodnight!

Click here for Session 1 Day 4 Photos!

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