Tuesday 6/20: Chanting and Sing-a-long

It’s already Tuesday, and what a full day it was! A full day of fun, singing and new experiences at Fanari Camp!

Our Flex session today was Chanting. Alex Magdalinos reviewed the basics of byzantine chant and the hymns that we sing throughout the day and in chapel. Campers also learned the hymn for St. Iakovos, the patron saint of our retreat center, and St. Paul, our theme for the week. The voices of our campers were filled with love, as they beautifully sang the hymns with one another.

A big THANK YOU to all the families who have sent CampGrams to your campers. We print them out everyday and pass them out after lunch. This is a new feature through Campdoc.com and we are thrilled that so many of you are participating. After today’s delivery, everyone gathered with their letters to take a picture for you all to see! We know it’s hard not talking to your campers everyday, but they’ll have lots of exciting stories to tell you when they arrive back home! If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can login to your registration to purchase tokens and send some!

Once again, the rain arrived just in time for free-time. Campers kept busy in the Main Lodge, visiting the Camp Store, playing card games, coloring, making friendship bracelets, eating ice cream bars and just hanging out with one another. Some campers chose to kick back and enjoy watching “Despicable Me” in the cafeteria, too! Sometimes a rainy day is the perfect time to relax and enjoy each other’s company!

Because of the earlier rain, we switched up our schedule for our evening activites with two different rotations. The night began for the Spartans and Delphians with an epic battle of “The Song Game” under the carport! Cabins created choreography and a song to the word that was given to them. We hope you checked us out on Facebook Live! So much fun and creativity!!! At the same time, the Athenians and Olympians began their night discussing the meaning of relics and how we honor and remember the saints by venerating them. The campers enjoyed watching a “Be the Bee” video about relics and how the campers at Ionian Village in Greece, visit the Island of Zakynthos to venerate the relics of St. Dionysios.

At Closing Day, one of our Staff Directors, Chris Chakonas, talked about his path to becoming closer to the church and that there are beautiful stories of miracles that happen every day, which we can use to strengthen our faith as Orthodox Christians.

Spirit Sticks were given out to the Olympians and Delphians! They were honored today for all their enthusiasm, kindness and unity throughout the day! Congratulations!

Finally, Fr. George Lamberis blessed us with his guitar skills and spirited singing for our sing-along! We sang along to some of our favorites: “Deep”, “I Will Magnify the Lord”, “Father, I Adore You”, and “Seek Ye First”. Everything we do together is so fulfilling, as we are one family in Christ at camp, experiencing laughter and joy together in all our activities! What a memorable day at Fanari Camp! Goodnight campers and counselors…see you tomorrow for another blessed day!

Click here for Session 1 Day 3 Photos!


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