Monday 6/19: OPA!

OPA! Our first full day of  Fanari Camp was Greek themed and full of our great Hellenic Culture.

Our morning began with chapel and an Agismos service, led by Fr. Jim Greanias from St. Iakovos in Valparaiso. Following the blessing, campers went outside for “Alone with God”–a time to sit and be alone with our thoughts in prayer and begin our day focused on Christ.  It was a beautiful way to begin our day and nourish our souls.

After a delicious breakfast, featuring feta eggs, potatoes and Greek yogurt, we headed to our activities to begin our day. Our Flex session today was Greek Culture, lead by Connie Savas, where our campers rotated between 3 stations: Greek dancing, building the Parthenon and learning Tavli. Our campers emersed themselves in our Greek Culture and enjoyed fellowship with each other.

Our Greek themed lunch consisted of Gyros, tzatziki sauce and pitas with olives and lemon. Rain interupted our free time activities, but not the fun that was had! Campers played games, made friendship bracelets and hung out together in their cabins and the Main Lodge. The Camp Store was busy with customers and everyone loved getting some snacks and Fanari Swag to wear. What a blessing it is to see so many friends–new and old–enjoy the day together!

Our Grecian dinner included, chicken, greek style potatoes and spanakopita. Even Yia Yia would approve this menu! Then the campers danced the night away Greek style!!! Big shout-out to our DJ, Chrysanthe Agos, for playing and organizing our music for Greek night. Campers and counselors showed off all the new dances they learned in Greek Culture today. What a great way to recollect and learn about who we are as a culture.

We ended with Closing Day in chapel where we listened to Fr. Kosmas Kallis, from SS. Peter & Paul in Glenview, tell us a story about finding what Christ has sent us out to do in this world. We should hone in on our passion and drive to do that which He wants, just like the Apostle Paul.

Tonight’s 1st Spirit Stick of the summer went out to the Athenians for truly showing they have the Holy Spirit within them all day long! Congratulations!

Before dismissal, Fr. George Lamberis played the guitar and lead us in a lively rendition of “Jesus Loves Me” and then slowed it down as we sang arm in arm,“Seek Ye First”. A beautiful first day at camp, as we learned more about our culture, faith and each other!

Campers are in their cabins now and should sleep well after such a full day! Goodnight Fanari Camp…we are so very thankful for such a blessed day together!

Click here for Session 1 Day 2 photos!

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