Welcome to Fanari 2017!

Fanari Camp 2017 is off to a great start and we are thrilled to be back home at The St. Iakovos Retreat Center!

After a busy drop-off and registration, all 158 campers got settled into their cabins, said goodbye to their families, and we all gathered in the cafeteria for our first meal together.

Our Director, Deacon Chris, welcomed us all and introduced our cabin staff, core staff and clergy for the week. He also spoke about our rules and responsibilities at camp and went through each of our Daily Activities: Orthodox Life, Bible Study, Theater and Flex, where we will rotate with Greek Culture, Chanting, Arts & Crafts and Athletics each day. Finally, everyone learned about earning spirit coins and how we can show that we have the Holy Spirit within us all week and receive spirit sticks as a cabin each night!

Then it was time for an ice cream social! Vanilla, strawberry or chocolate? You pick the toppings! Everyone enjoyed making their own delicious creations at our very own Orthodox Sundae Bar, while we listened to music, sang outloud and enjoyed each other’s company. We ended our first evening with a beautiful evening chapel service inside the Main Lodge, lead by Fr. Andrew Kearns from Great Lakes Navel Base.

Campers went back to their cabins to do their first evening devotionals with their counselors and get ready for bed. We can’t wait for all the wonderful blessings the rest of the week will bring at Fanari 2017!

Be sure to check out the Metropolis of Chicago Youth & Young Adult Ministries Flickr page, with all our photos from each Session of Fanari Camp this summer.

Click here for Session 1 Day 1 photos!


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