Thursday 7/21: Picnic & Super Hero Dance

Picnic day at Fanari Camp is always a great day to relax, bond with each other and enjoy so many fun activities!

Our day started with some cloudy weather, and before we knew it, the rain came pouring down. However, nothing was going to dampen our spirits! We were able to get through one rotation of our scheduled activities outside: Scavenger Hunt, Orthodox Jeopardy and Liturgical Vestments. Thank you to Connie Savas, James Koustenis, Andrew Poteres  and Julie Tziolas for guiding our campers through the clues of our Scavenger Hunt. Everyone was running around, taking selfies, and using the Bible verses to figure out the clues. Next, Fr. Tobias, Fr. Sas, Fr. Margellos and Fr. Dalianis led a session on the vestments that a priest wears and the meaning behind each piece. We then rotated and Fr. George & Presvytera Kathy hosted an Orthodox Jeopardy game to test our knowledge about our faith. It was a fun way to learn more about the Bible and Orthodoxy and earn some spirit points! When the rain came down, we took cover and our counselors entertained the campers indoors, with some fun games!

After the storms had passed, the sun came out just in time for our delicious lunch of souvlakia, chips and watermelon, thanks to Deacon Chris and James Koustenis on the hot grill. Fr. George Pappas, from SS. Constantine and Helen in Merriville, IN gave the blessing for lunch to begin. Campers also had fun playing soccer, Octoball and swimming. Everyone got a ticket for “Maria’s Wacky & Wild Wagon Ride” with Farmer Joe, to visit the animals at the farm. The afternoon ended with an exciting Campers vs. Staff softball game! So much fun watching everyone compete with true christian athletic sportsmanship! Our campers and staff are having a blast together at Fanari Camp! What an extraordinary group of children and young adults!!!

Our evening activity was delayed due to the return of rain after dinner, but we stayed in the cafeteria and sang some songs to pass the time. Then we all went upstairs to the Main Lodge to dance the night away with our favorite Super Heroes! POW! KRASH! BOOM! Smiles, laughter, dancing and fun between friends filled our night. Downstairs in the cafeteria, Fr. Tobias also told saint stories and even though we couldn’t have a camp fire, everyone enjoyed delicious s’mores, made in the oven, thanks to Alex Magdalinos. So many special blessings throughout the day and chances to make memories to cherish, of our days at Fanari!

At Closing Day, Fr. Ciprian Sas told us a true story about his emergency bag that he kept in his car, containing Holy Communion, prayer books and a special cross given to his Dad by a priest in Romania. His car was broken into, his bag was stolen and he had a very heavy heart that he lost it all. He searched for the bag in garbage & pawn shops, but was unable to find it. 3 months and 3 weeks to the day that he lost it, he was doing Orthros at church and a man was standing in the middle aisle, motioning for him to come to him. The man handed Fr. Ciprian his bag and with weakness in his knees, he opened it to find all the contents. To his surprise, when he consumed the gifts during Divine Liturgy, they tasted just as they should. Ironically, it was also the feast day of SS. Constantine & Helen. Miracles surround us every single day! He told us to always give thanks with what we have. We were blessed to be able to venerate that very cross during our evening chapel service tonight. How thankful we are that he shared his story and cross with us all!

Spirit sticks were given out to the Olympians and for an unprecedented 4th time in a row, the Delphian boys won it once again! Congratualtions to both cabins for going above and beyond to show the Holy Spirit is dwelling within us, at Fanari Camp this week.

What a fulfilling day at camp! We are so very thankful for all God’s blessings today. Everyone will surely sleep well tonight. Goodnight, Fanari camp…we pray tomorrow will bring us another beautiful day, as we near the end of our week together.

Click here for Session 4 Day 5 photos!


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