Wednesday 7/20: Prayer books, Saints & Sing-a-long

We can’t believe how time is flying by here at Fanari Camp. We’re halfway through the week but the fun and learning continues each day!

Today’s Flex was Arts & Crafts, lead by Alex Magdalinos, where we learned about the importance of prayer in our life, both personal and communal. Everyone made their own book with prayers for various occasions with beautiful icons to coordinate with each prayer. We pray our campers will make use of their books to enhance the frequency of their prayer lives at home.

To prepare us for receiving Holy Communion at Divine Liturgy on Saturday, our campers and staff received the sacrament of confession today. Fr. Dalianis, Fr Kearns, Fr. Margellos, Fr. Pappas and Fr. Sas were all on hand during our O.L session. What a beautiful opportunity to release all that burdens us and open our hearts to Christ.

The temperature is rising outside each day, but our athletic fields and courts were filled during free time. Other’s stayed cool inside the Main Lodge and enjoyed their 1 free ice cream bar per day, generously donated in honor of Nun Theologia.

Tonight’s evening activity was “A Night with the Saints”. Our first session with Connie Savas, showed how everyday people, who lived like us sinners, became saints and leaders through prayer, repentance and the sacraments. It was eye opening to read the story of their lives before they were marked for sainthood. Then we were blessed to venerate relics of St. Nectarios and St. Porphyrios, and be annointed with the Holy Myrrh from the relics of St. Demetrios, which were brought to us by Fr. Loukas Gikas. He told us about their lives and how we are all called to be saints. What a fulfilling night to nourish our souls!

Our voices filled the Main Lodge as we sang our favorite Fanari songs with Fr. George Lamberis, who made a guest appearance to lead us in song tonight. “Pharaoh, Pharaoh”, “Deep”, “I Will Magnify the Lord” and “Take My Hand” were some of our favorites. Fr. George also lead an energetic “BOOMBA, HEY!” to entertain the campers! Our spirit sticks tonight went to the Delphians and Spartans. What wonderful leaders we have this week to set an example for our younger campers.

Another spiritually uplifting day at Fanari Camp. All is quiet in the cabins, as we look forward to what tomorrow has in store for us all! Goodnight!

Click here for Session 4 Day 4 photos!



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