Monday 7/18: Greek Night

Our first full day of Session 4 was packed with new experiences, fun and learning!

We began our morning with an Agiasmos service, led by Fr. George Pappas, to bless our campers and staff. After dismissal we introduced the campers to “Alone with God”, where we spend a few minutes each morning spread out in silence, to pray and begin our day focused on Christ.

After a delicious breakfast, our campers went through their rotation schedule and learned some new dances in today’s Flex session, Greek Culture, with Sara and Peter. They also started working on their skits in Theater and had some great discussions in Orthodox Life and Bible Study with our clergy.

The weather was beautiful and free-time was filled with many outdoor activities. Any camper wanting to swim at the pool this week, came and took their swim test. Others were playing octoball, soccer and basketball. We also introduced our “Garage Band”, where campers and staff can meet in the log lodge and play instruments together. Campers purchased snacks and swag in our Camp Store and also enjoyed each other’s company, while playing games and making friendship bracelets inside the Main Lodge. So many opportunities for fun!

Tonight’s evening activity was Greek Night! Campers and counselors danced outside under the carport in front of our beautiful Main Lodge and showed off all the new dances that they learned in Greek Culture today. Other’s played bags and frisbee outside or came to visit the Camp Store to cool down and buy some refreshments. A few visitors from GAMA, the Greek American Motorcycle Association, came to see all our campers and greet 3 of the 4 winners of the Fanari Camp GAMA Scholarship award. We’re so thankful for their support and generosity to our program! What a fun night of fellowship, music and dancing!

We ended with Closing day in chapel and listened to Fr. Panteleimon Dalianis read us a story describing a life station. In real life, the life station is the church. We have to seek out help in our life from the church, as the church is there to bring us to salvation.

Tonight’s spirit sticks went to the amazing Olympians and Delphians, for showing endless spirit all day!  Finally, Leo Fotos played the guitar and led us in singing “Deep” and “Seek Ye First”. We closed out the night singing the hymn, “Lord of the Powers’, as we dismissed to our cabins for devotionals.

What a beautiful day together as one family in Christ, as we learn more about our culture and faith. God has truly blessed us with many wonderful memories today. We love Fanari!

Click here for Session 4 Day 2 photos!


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