Wednesday 7/13: Confession, Prayer Books and A Night with the Saints

We’re halfway through our week and enjoying every moment! Growing in the love of our Orthodox faith, Fanari Camp has brought us together as one family in Christ.

Today’s Flex was Arts & Crafts, led by Alex Magdalinos. Our campers made their own books with prayers for various occasions and icons that correspond to each prayer. What a treasured momento from our week together! After returning home, we hope our campers will use their books daily, to increase their prayer life, as they grow closer to Christ.

During our Orthodox Life session, we received the sacrament of Holy Confession, to prepare us for receiving Holy Communion on Saturday. Thank you to our visiting clergy, Fr. Athanasios Papagiannis and Fr. Apostolos Georgiafentis, who helped hear confessions with Fr. Chris Mihalopoulos, Fr. Andrew Kearns and Fr. Peter Sarolas.

We started our day with some chilly flamingos found outside the boys cabins, but by free-time, the pool was filled with visitors, due to the rising temperatures outside! Campers also enjoyed cooling off in the Main Lodge and enjoying ice cream, generously donated each day in honor of  Nun Theologia. Some of our campers showed off their bat and ball skills and joined the counselors and clergy in a softball game! So much fun cheering on our teams!

Tonight’s evening activity was “A Night with the Saints”. Our counselors led a session that showed scenarios of everyday people who lived like us sinners. Then they read a description of the same people when they repented and became saints. Truly an eye opening activity to show us that through repentance, prayer and the sacraments, we too can be called to be saints. In our next session, we were blessed to venerate the relics of St. Nectarios and St. Porphyrios from Fr. Loukas Gikas and then anointed with Holy Myrrh from the relics of St. Demetrios. What a blessing to experience such holiness all together at Fanari Camp!

We ended our night with a sing-along in the Main Lodge, as we sang our favorite Fanari songs with Leo Fotos on piano and our guest guitar player, Bob Palas and his daughter Sophie, leading us in song. “Pharaoh, Pharaoh”, ” Father, I Adore You”, and “Shine On”,  just to name a few. Our staff lead us in a hilarious, “Boom Chicka Boom” in many different accents and our Spartan counselor, Nick Kouracos divided the campers and orchestrated  a loud and energetic “BOOMBA, HEY!” Our spirit sticks tonight went to the Athenians for the 2nd night in a row and also our mighty Delphians, who have showed great respect and leadership all week!

Another blessed day to reflect on at Fanari Camp. We’re looking forward to creating more memories before our weeks ends. Signing off from Fanari headquarters and wishing you all a restful night!

Check out Session 3 Day 4 photos!IMG_2178

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