Thursday 7/14: Picnic & Super Hero Dance

Thursday is picnic day at Fanari Camp! The weather has finally cooled down a bit and everyone was ready for another day filled with fun, friends and all of God’s blessings.

After morning chapel and breakfast, we started off our day with 3 rotations:  Scavenger Hunt, Orthodox Jeopardy and Liturgical Vestments. Thank you to Sara Pessimissis and Julie Tziolas for guiding our campers through the clues of our Scavenger Hunt. So much fun running around, taking selfies, and figuring out the clues, while using Bible verses to help. Next, Fr. Chris Mihalopoulos, Fr. Peter Sarolas and Fr. Andrew Kearns led a session on the vestments that a deacon and priest wear and the meaning behind each piece. We then rotated and Thanasi Minetos hosted a Jeopardy game to test our knowledge about our faith. It was a fun way to learn more about the Bible and Orthodoxy and earn some spirit coins!

Then it was picnic time!!! Today we had an oportunity to welcome some participants to our picnic from “Pick Up Your Cross and Follow Me”, a ministry for special needs. All our staff and clergy were busy cooking our delicious souvlakia, warming up some pita bread on the grill and cutting up delicious watermelon. Fr. Ted Poteres, from SS. Constantine and Helen in Merriville, IN gave the blessing for lunch to begin. Campers also had fun playing soccer, volleyball, basketball, Octoball and swimming. For those animal lovers, Farmer Joe brought out the tractor and wagon for rides to the barn to visit the horses, peacocks and ducks. The afternoon ended with an epic Campers vs. Staff softball game! Great effort by our campers, but the staff was victorious in the end. Fun was had by all the players and spectators and everyone showed terrific christian sportsmanship! We truly have amazing staff leading by example at Fanari Camp this week!

Then it was time to DANCE!!! So many super heroes showed up to POW! BAM! KRASH! at the dance tonight! Mr. D also told his famous stories at the campfire and everyone enjoyed roasting marshmallows and made delicious s’mores, thanks to Alex Magdalinos. What a truly blessed day and night from beginning to end…WE LOVE FANARI!!!

Tonight during Closing Day, Dr Ary Christofidis told a true story about St. Agapios. Through his humility, obedience to God and his spiritual father, he was freed of his terrible situation of being a slave. He brought three souls; his slave master and his two sons, to salvation through Jesus Christ. An inspiring story about faith and trust in the Lord. We ended the night singing, “Father, I Adore You”, “Take My Hand” and closed with “Lord of the Powers” before heading back to our cabins for our evening devotionals. It was a peaceful way to round out Day 5 of camp.

The week has almost come to an end, but we still look forward to what tomorrow will bring. Goodnight, for now, Fanari Camp and God Bless!

Click here for Session 3 Day 5 photos!


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