Tuesday 7/12: Chanting & Fanari Games

There’s something special happening at Fanari camp this week….the Holy Spirit is all around, filling our hearts. Our love for Christ and our Orthodox faith has brought us together as one family in our home at the St. Iakovos Retreat Center. The joy and love is contagious between the campers and staff! We all feel God’s blessings each and every day.

Our Flex session today was Chanting. Alex Magdalinos taught all our campers the basics of byzantine chant. He also reviewed hymns that we sing throughout the day and in chapel and taught the apolytikion of St. Iakovos. It was beautiful to hear the heavenly voices of our campers, as we sang all we learned today in evening chapel tonight.

There was non-stop chanting and singing from all the cabins throughout the day. So much enthusiasm!!! A special shout out to the world’s GREATEST counselors for being true leaders and such fantastic role models every day. We are extremely blessed to have them ALL!

Following dinner, the Fanari Olympic Games for Session 3 took place and the excitement and spirit was at an all time high!  All our cabins showed unity and spirit, as they marched into the games with so much energy and enthusiasm! It ended with our traditional balloon tag competition, where the Delphians emerged victorious! In the end the Delphians were the winners of the Fanari Games Session 3 and received the trophy for earning the most spirit points tonight! Congratulations!

During Closing Day, Deacon Chris talked about St. Paisios the Athonite, who we celebrated today, and how he spoke about Being the Bee, as the Bee “only knows the good things in life, and is ignorant of all evil”. We should all  be like the Bee and ignore the dirt, but flock to that which is sweet and good. He also told the campers to be the light to those who are in darkness, the Fanaria, to lighten a darkened world.

Our sole spirit stick winners for the day were the amazing Athenians, after showing tremendous passion and energy all day long. They were all overjoyed with the win! We wrapped things up with the entire camp singing a rousing rendition of “Pharoah Pharoah” and a beautiful round of “Father I Adore”, led by Leo Fotos on the guitar.

As we departed to our cabins for the night, we learned a new hymn, “Lord of the Powers” and sang it together, while walking back to our cabins to do our devotionals. Today was a day filled with beautiful memories. God bless you all, campers and staff! We hope you find peace in your sleep tonight.

Click here for Session 3 Day 3 photos!


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