Monday 7/11: Getting our Greek on!

Session 3 is here and we were all ready to get it started. The temperature was hot, but we were eager and full of energy to begin our first full day of Fanari Camp!

We began our morning with chapel, lead by Fr. Chris Mihalopoulos, and had an Agiasmos service to bless the campers and staff. Following the blessing, we went outside for “Alone with God”. It’s time to sit and be alone with our thoughts in prayer and begin our day focused on Christ.  What a beautiful way to fill our souls with peace and love!

After a delicious breakfast, the day began with our rotation of activities. Campers learned all about the geography of Greece and different styles of dance in “Greek Culture” with Peter Savas and Sara Pessimissis. Kalamatiano, Pentozali & Tsamiko! Everyone caught on quick to all the new dances! They also began writing their skits in Theater and had some great discussions in Orthodox Life and Bible Study.

Today was our swim test day during free time. Any camper who wants to swim in our pool during the week, was tested by the lifeguard. Campers also played soccer, octoball and basketball or made friendship bracelets and played games in the Main Lodge. The Camp Store was buzzing with customers buying snacks and Fanari Swag to wear. What a blessing it is to enjoy the day together, making new friends and catching up with old!

Tonight we all got our Greek on! Thanks to our DJ, Chrysanthe Agos, we danced the night away under the stars for GREEK NIGHT! Some showed off all the new dances we learned in Greek Culture today, while others cooled off in the Main Lodge, playing the piano and games.  Dancing, laughter and fun was definitely in the air tonight!

We ended with Closing day in chapel and listened to Louie Pappas reflect on the movie, “The Avengers”, and how each super hero differs on what is good verses evil. Like the Hulk, we should “SMASH” when the devil is trying to pull us to sin and strive to stay on the path to be a better Christian. Afterwards, tonight’s Spirit Sticks were awarded to the Olympians and Spartans, who displayed spirit and kindness all day long!

Before dismissal, counselor, Leo Fotos, played the guitar and led us in an exciting rendition of “Deep” and then “Seek Ye First”, as the campers sang arm in arm. It was a long, hot day, but we made the most of it and enjoyed each other’s company, as we learned more about our culture and faith. So blessed to be making such life long memories at camp!

Campers are in their cabins now and will surely sleep well tonight! Goodnight from our headquarters…we are so very thankful for another wonderful day of our beloved Fanari Camp!

Click here for Session 3 Day 2 photos!


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