Saturday 7/2: Divine Liturgy

What seemed to start out as a long week ahead of us, Session 2 ended up flying by so quickly! After many photos, hugs and some tearful goodbyes, Session 2 is complete and the campers have all gone home.

Fr. Tilemahos Alikakos and Fr. George Lamberis celebrated the Divine Liturgy, as we ended our week, worshipping together. To add to the service, our campers and staff did a beautiful job chanting, as always.

In his sermon, Fr. George talked about not judging others. He urged the campers to take what they learned at Fanari Camp and be the “salt of the earth” and the “light of the world” to live our Orthodox Christian faith. At the same time we are obligated to help  and/or correct those who may wander off, but always with love and out of compassion.

Campers, we hope you enjoyed your week and all the activities we had planned for you. More importantly, we pray that you learned more about your faith and keep all the excitement, joy and love felt this week at Fanari, in your hearts throughout your lives. Only those who experience a week at Fanari Camp, can truly know the impact it can make on these young lives. We all have been blessed with this wonderful opportunity to gather together as one family in Christ.

To our amazing counselors, staff, and clergy, there are no words to express the love, respect and gratitude we have for you all. Thank you for giving of your time, talents and love to our campers this week. Fanari couldn’t happen without you!

Can’t wait for Session 3! For the campers in Session 2, we’ll see you next year!

Click here for Session 2 Day 7 photos!


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