Tuesday 6/28: Chanting & Fanari Games!

Today was a full day at Fanari Camp. Full of joy. Full of  friendship. Everyone is feeling at home at the St. Iakovos Retreat Center. We are truly blessed to spend a week together as one family!

Our Flex session today was Chanting. Alex Magdalinos taught all our campers the basics of byzantine chant. He also reviewed hymns that we sing throughout the day and in chapel. The voices of our campers were heavenly, as they sang these beautiful hymns with one another.

It was a little too chilly today for swimming during free-time, but everyone found other activities to keep them busy. There were plenty of visitors to the Camp Store, piano playing in the Main Lodge, soccer, basketball, Octoball, card games and our Delphian girls made tie dye t-shirts. What a fun day to relax and enjoy each other’s company!

Following dinner, the annual Fanari Olympic Games for Session 2 took place and the enthusiasm was felt throughout the camp! It was a Battle Royale!!! Each cabin entered the games dressed in uniformity and full of spirit! The friendly competition brought on much laughter and excitement and all the campers and counselors had a blast!!! In the end the Delphians emerged victorious, but each cabin gave it a tremendous effort! All our campers had GREAT sportsmanship and cheered each other on. It was a night to remember for all!

At Closing Day, Mr. D spoke about taking a stand when things go against what our faith teaches us. He said that we should be brave enough not to go along with the wrong crowd and stand up for what is right and true according to our Orthodox Christian Faith. Truly beautiful words of advice from a very wise man.

Spirit Sticks were given out and the anticipation had our cabins waiting hand in hand for the big announcement! The Athenian and Spartan cabins were honored today for all their enthusiasm, kindness and unity throughout the day! Congratulations!

Finally, Fr. George Lamberis played the guitar and lead us with a joyful rendition of “Deep” and then we sang arm in arm, “In My Life”. As we departed to our cabins for the night, the campers were dismissed while singing the hymn, “Lord of the Powers”. What a memorable day at Fanari Camp! Goodnight campers and counselors…see you tomorrow for another blessed day!

Click here for Session 2 Day 3 photos!


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