Important Policy Change

We’ve been eagerly awaiting all our camper’s arrival for a transformative experience at Fanari Camp! To insure each child has the best experience possible, it is necessary to follow our already provided Rules & Regulations.

However, we are very disappointed in the blatant disregard for our NO CELL PHONE POLICY during Session 1. Therefore, the remaining Sessions, 2, 3 & 4, if your child brings a phone to camp, you will be notified when we find it and asked to come pick it up. Your child will not be able to participate in any of the daily activities until their phone is picked up. If your child wants or needs to talk to you, he or she has 24/7 access to a core staff member’s phone. If you need to talk to your child, you can call the Director, Deacon Chris Avramopoulos at 708-288-2876. We thank you for your cooperation in this manner.

For your reference, below is the NO CELL PHONE POLICY that is written in the “Welcome Packet”, which you downloaded in your online registration.

NO CELL PHONE POLICY As a way to better supervise our campers and their privacy during the week and to insure they get the full Fanari Camp experience while in our care, we have a NO CELL PHONE policy. This also gives the campers a chance to disconnect from the outside world and open themselves up to the spiritual journey a week at Fanari Camp offers. Campers will have access to a staff member’s phone if there is an emergency or if they simply just want to get in touch with you daily. All parents will be asked to sign a confirmation that their child did not bring a cell phone to camp at registration. Parents, although we know it’s hard not to be in constant contact with your child, your help in this matter is greatly appreciated. If you can personally take your child’s phone before you bring them to camp, we will not have to use valuable time tending to this matter. We appreciate your cooperation by respecting and complying with this policy.


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