Fanari Registration Announcement


In planning for the start of the Fanari Camp registration process with, the company that handles the applications was instructed to open registration on Monday, March 14, 2016 at 7:00 AM. Last night we were made aware that erroneously permitted the registration site to go “live” and accept registrations. We had no ability to halt what was improperly occurring. Once contacted, agreed that it was completely its error that the site allowed applications before the designated time.

We learned that some who attempted to submit properly applications this morning for a specific session were surprised that some sessions had reached capacity. Unfortunately, we believe any options to rectify this problem would create larger issues. As a result, some who followed our instructions may not have been able to apply for the session you desired. We regret any disappointment that may have caused. This unacceptable situation will not be permitted to occur in the future.

The Fanari Camp program, has for over 40 years, provided a special environment to meet the needs and desires of our campers. While some may be disappointed that they will be unable to attend a particular session planned with friends, it is our hope that another session will provide the opportunity to make new friends.

As we begin Great and Holy Lent, we can only forgive those who unknowingly caused some of you to be discouraged, and pray that above all, our Christian Love will spread no matter what session you attend.

In Christ’s Service,
Reverend Deacon Chris Avramopoulos, Co-Director Nick Kirkeles, Co-Director

ChicagoSeal_4Color Announcement Regarding Fanari Camp Registration


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