Friday 7/17: Confession, Prayer Ropes and Camp fire

We are not only nearing the end of Session 4 of Fanari Camp, but it is almost the end of our final week of our program for 2015. So many mixed emotions as we wrap up all our activities. Two more days left and there is still more fun and blessings that await us all!

Today we received the sacrament of Holy Confession, to prepare us for Holy Communion during the Divine Liturgy on Sunday. To go along with our theme this year, “Come Let Us Worship”, we made our own version of a  prayer rope with beads and crosses in Flex. All the campers enjoyed watching the Archdiocese’s “Be the Bee” video on youtube, and listened to Steve explain the origin and purpose of using them. Be the Bee: Prayer Ropes Afterwards, they all learned how to hold their prayer rope and say the Jesus Prayer, while moving their finger across each bead. We concluded with spending a few moments, praying silently together. What a beautiful experience, expanding our prayer life this way!

The heat has finally hit us, so we all made sure to keep hydrated during free-time. Some campers visited the pool, others played soccer and we also showed a movie in the air conditioned Main Lodge loft, “National Treasure”. Farmer Joe brought over the tractor and wagon ride to take all the campers to the farm. They all enjoyed visiting and petting the animals! To help us all cool down, we enjoyed delicious popsicles before free-time ended.

After dinner it was time to play the Song Game, lead by Evi and Connie! All three cabins competed against each other, putting together songs and dances to the words we gave them. So many fun and creative ideas from all our cabins, but the Spartans were the winners in the end.

Then it was time to gather around the campfire. Tonight may have been our last sing-a-long, but it was the first one where we were able to move the bales of hay and sit on our newly built benches, thanks to all the campers in all four sessions. We were blessed to have a former Fanari staff member Bob Palas, come join Marina on the guitar, in playing our favorite Fanari Songs. Everyone was clapping, dancing and singing along! Mr. Alex brought out all the fixings for us to make some s’mores, too! What a fun night together outside, under the stars.

At tonight’s Closing Day, our staff member Arun Modayil spoke about how this camp is an inheritance to the campers, as well as the counselors, and as it was given to us we should pass it on to others. Our spirit stick tonight went to our Athenians, for showing us all, that true spirit comes from within!

What a blessing we are all experiencing together, in this one special week, at our new home. All is quiet in the cabins. Another day of beautiful memories to cherish. Thanks be to God!

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