Wednesday 7/15: Diakonia and Fanari Games

What a full day of Fanari Camp! We’re learning so much…we’re experiencing new things…we’re at home in our new surroundings…we’re a family rooted in a love of Christ. It’s a beautiful feeling being here at camp. The Lord has truly blessed us all this week!

Our Flex session today was Diakonia. We’ve been working on making benches for around our camp fire the past three weeks. Today our campers have started to finally complete them! Everyone took turns using the post hole digger, saws and screw drivers, after some careful instruction. Some of our campers even helped clean out the chapel and get it ready for vespers tonight. We are so proud of the work they all have done to leave there mark here at the St. Iakovos Retreat Center for years to come.

There was so much going on during free-time today! The soccer field and volley ball court were both packed, swimmers were playing games in the pool and a spontaneous kick ball game with the campers and counselors brought on some hilarious competition. Fun follows us around, all day long, at Fanari Camp!

Tonight’s evening activity was our annual Fanari Olympic Games!  Our cabins made grand entrances, filled with spirit!  The competition was intense and the points were close until the final game: Balloon Tag! In the end the Olympians were victorious and received the trophy for earning the most points tonight!

During Closing Day, Nick Lanzourakis spoke about heroes and how we should try to emulate real life heroes, like saints or our counselors who are giving of their time and talents this week. We are truly proud of all our Young Adults who have become mentors to our campers.

Our Athenians and Spartans won spirit sticks for the day after showing so much energy and spirit all day long! The entire camp once again joined Marina in singing “Gloria” and “Seek Ye First” and then Alex taught us a new hymn, “Rich Men Have Turned Poor”, so that we could sing it before meals in the cafeteria.

Today we created so many beautiful memories, which we are truly thankful for. Goodnight, Fanari Camp. We can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us all!

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