Hawaiian Luau Dance

To conclude our beautiful picnic day, even though the rain continued through dinner into our evening activity, we made a few changes, brought the dance inside and still had a night to remember!

All the campers at the Luau, danced the night away!  Everyone came dressed in festive Hawaiian apparel and threw on some extra lei’s to get into the spirit. We danced all night and even took some silly photos behind our Hula photo cut out. Since it was too wet to have s’mores in the fireplace, we turned our loft into a movie theater and some of our campers enjoyed watching “The Avengers”.

Tonight during Closing Day, we had a reflection from Deacon Chris about taking all that we gained this week–in our faith, friendships and relationship with God–and keeping the beacon of light, the Fanari, lit inside of us, so that it can carry us through the year and we can share it with others, long after camp has ended.

The Olympians won the spirit stick for the day and after we sang a few songs with our counselors, we learned a new prayer in song, “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, Have Mercy on Me, A Sinner”. Campers departed for their cabins to have their devotionals and prepare for Holy Confession tomorrow.

It’s been a long, but beautiful day from start to finish. As always, the week has flown by. We look forward to waking up tomorrow for another glorious day at Fanari Camp. Goodnight and God Bless!

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