Wednesday 7/8: Diakonia and Fanari Games

There was something in the air today….the Holy Spirit is all around, filling our hearts, our voices and our love for Christ and one another. We are one family at Fanari Camp. Everyone is filled with joy and love. It’s contagious! You have to be here to get the full experience of what’s happening every day. We are truly blessed to be together in our own home for this moment in time.

Our Flex session today was Diakonia. This week our campers continued to help build our benches for the camp fire and trim back some of the bushes and hedges around the property. It’s wonderful to see our youth take pride in taking care of our new home!

There was non-stop chanting and singing from all the cabins, all day long, especially in the cafeteria! So much enthusiasm!!! A special shout out to the world’s GREATEST counselors for being true leaders and such fantastic role models every day. We are extremely blessed to have them ALL!

After our afternoon rotations, Fr. Chrysanthos Kerkeres from St. George in Chicago, led the vesper service and talked about his first experience of going to Fanari Camp in 1994 and how it changed his life, which lead him to the priesthood.

Following dinner, the Fanari Olympic Games for Session 3 took place and the excitement and spirit was at an all time high!  All our cabins came dressed in their own themes, marching in while chanting with much enthusiasm as they entered the games. It ended with an intense balloon tag competition, but the Delphians emerged victorious, thanks to Staci Stark! In the end the Olympians were the winners of the Fanari Games and received the trophy for earning the most spirit points tonight!

During Closing Day,  Alex Magdalinos gave us a beautiful reflection about how we come to Fanari to have fun, gain friendships, but most importantly, learn about our faith and come closer to Christ. Our Delphians and Spartans won spirit sticks for the day after showing tremendous passion and energy all day long. The entire camp once again joined Leo and Marina in singing “Gloria” and “I Will Magnify the Lord”. We’re pretty sure our voices carried all the way to Illinois…there was great strength and love in the words we sang tonight. Glory be to God!

As we departed to our cabins for the night, we learned a new hymn, “Rich Men Have turned Poor” and sang it together, as we walked back to our cabins. Today was a day filled with beautiful memories. God bless you all, campers and staff! We know you’ll sleep well tonight.

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