Friday 6/26: Confession and Sing-a-long

We can feel the end is near, so we are truly enjoying every moment we have left this week at Fanari Camp 2015. Today our campers and staff received the sacrament of confession to prepare us for receiving Holy Communion on Sunday. We thank our visiting Clergy, Fr. Cosmos Halekakis & Fr. Jim Greanias for coming up to help out their brother priests. It was “Frappe Friday” during free-time! Our fabulous barista counselors whipped up some delicious drinks for everyone, while the greek music played and spontaneous dancing occurred. Due to the breezy and cool weather, it was too chilly for the pool, but campers enjoyed taking tractor rides to the barn to visit the animals, playing soccer, as well as, making tie dye t-shirts. There’s always something fun happening at Fanari Camp! His Eminence blessed us with a visit today and spoke to the campers about being apostles of Christ, and taking everything that they have learned and experienced while at camp and communicating that with their friends and family back home. He also spoke about spreading the news about our beautiful new home for Fanari Camp at the St. Iakovos Retreat Center. Tonight was our camp fire/sing-a-long and all our voices were heard throughout the camp singing our favorite Fanari songs! We had many special guests visit us today, but a huge thank you goes out to Fr. George and our guest guitar player for our sing-a-long and former staff member, Bob Palas and his wife Constance and daughter Sophie. Sophie even helped judge our Song Game between the Athenians, Olympians, Spartans and Counselors! Great job on all the creative songs and choreography to all the groups. Our spirit stick tonight went to our hardworking and dedicated counselors! We are so proud of the leadership they have shown all week long. Staff member, Chris Chakonas, spoke at Closing Day and reflected on how his friends and family brought him back to the church which in turn brought him to Fanari Camp. He passed on some words of wisdom to the campers, to cherish the moments they have at Fanari and realize what a true blessing we are all experiencing together in this one special week away from the rest of the world. All is quiet in the cabins….another blessed day….another opportunity for beautiful memories…another wonderful day at Fanari Camp.

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