Thursday 6/25: Prayer Ropes and Luau

We’re nearing the end of our week, but there is still more fun to be had at Fanari Camp. Due to the possibilities of gray skies, we changed our picnic day to Saturday and resumed our normal schedule today.

Today’s Flex session was Arts and Crafts and our campers learned about the importance and meaning behind prayer ropes. They watched a “Be the Bee” YouTube video from the Archdiocese Y2AM, about why a prayer rope is a helpful tool to pray with our soul and body. After, they took a few moments to quietly sit together and pray in silence.

Our seminarian graduate, Nick Lanzourakis, was available during free-time to talk to our campers about his experience at Holy Cross/Hellenic College. He passed out free t-shirts and sunglasses to everyone who came by to listen. Other’s were busy making friendship bracelets and playing sports outside.

Fr. Nick Georgiou, from Holy Apostles in Westchester, led our vesper service tonight and gave us a beautiful sermon on temptation. He taught us not to let temptation grow; cut it off before it becomes an action.

After dinner it was time to get ready for our Hawaiian Luau! Everyone was dressed in their festive Hawaiian gear and danced the night away outside on our dance floor. Fun was had by all, including our staff! We ended the night with a reflection by Mr. D about not judging a book by it’s cover and getting to know who a person truly is. To conclude our evening, our counselors led us in some of our favorite songs during Closing Day, “Take My Hand” and “Seek Ye First”.

Tomorrow the campers will experience the sacrament of confession to prepare them for Divine Liturgy on Sunday, so all our clergy joined their cabin devotionals tonight to talk about preparation for the day. All campers are quiet in their cabins now and ready to rest up for another beautiful day at Fanari Camp.

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