Wednesday 6/24: Diakonia and Fanari Games

Today was a full day at Fanari Camp. Full of service. Full of love. Full of fun. Full of the Holy Spirit. We are truly blessed to be together at this camp. It is something you have to experience to understand completely.

Our Flex session today was Diakonia. This week our campers continued to help clear out the paths to our beautiful Proskinitaria. In addition, we started building benches to put around our camp fire. What a wonderful way to take care of our new home by helping add to and take care of it.

Some of the campers went on a walk during free-time to the St. Nectarios Chapel in the woods, while others participated in a counselor vs. campers soccer game. There were plenty of visitors to the Camp Store, piano playing in the Main Lodge and a handful of swimmers in the pool. What a fun day to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Fr. Sotirios Malamis, from Ascension of Our Lord in Lincolnshire, led the vesper service tonight and gave a short message about focusing on others and not ourselves.

Following dinner, the Fanari Olympic Games for Session 2 took place and the enthusiasm was felt throughout the camp. As per special request, the competition was done by grades, with the 10th and 11th grade competing against the counselors. It was a Battle Royale!!!!! Words can not express the intense competition that took place and all the fun and laughter that ensued! In the end the 10th grade emerged victorious, but the 11th grade and counselors put up a good fight. It was a night to remember for all!

The day concluded with a wonderful reflection from our seminarian graduate, Nick Lanzourakis, who spoke about praying to St Phanourios and seeking something that you have lost. He compared that to finding and strengthening your faith at camp so that when you return home, you can continue to live a life in Christ. Finally, Spirit Sticks were given out to the fabulous Athenian and Spartan cabins for all their enthusiasm and unity throughout the day!

As we departed to our cabins for the night, the campers were dismissed as the counselors, led by Nick Kouracos and Katerina Rallis, sang classic Fanari Songs, “Gloria” and “I Will Magnify the Lord”.  What a memorable day at Fanari Camp! Goodnight campers and counselors…see you tomorrow for another blessed day.

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